TikTok takes back the ban on US millennial imposed for Uighur Muslim controversy

She also added that she would continue her protest against TikTok via Twitter, Instagram and some other platform which maybe include TikTok as well

Booming Chinese social media platform TikTok has taken over the imposed ban after receiving a huge backlash from media and social media. TikTok imposed the ban on the US-based millennial's account after she posted a video criticizing China's treatment on the Uighur Muslims.

Feroza Aziz react to TikTok's apology

Ms Aziz asserted that the explanation TikTok has given is unacceptable Screengrab/IBT SG

The company has expressed that the ban had no strings attached with Chinese politics, and it was imposed as a result of her past activities in TikTok. To justify its temporary suspension, TikTok has expressed that it was a human moderation error.

However, Feroza Aziz, the victim of the ban has refused to accept the apology. "Do I believe they took it away because of an unrelated satirical video that was deleted on a previously deleted account of mine? Right after I finished posting a three-part video about the Uighurs? No," she wrote on Twitter.

She further posted another video to prove that TikTok is influenced by some hidden political agenda which they are trying to hide. In the tweet, she wrote "This isn't the first time TikTok tried to silence me about the Uighur genocide. Here is the first video I made on my previous account that was deleted and taken down."

Suspension imposed due to video having Osama Bin Laden's image

In an interview with BBC, the millennial asserted that the explanation TikTok has given was unacceptable. The latest video has nothing to do with her earlier deleted video which was based on pure dark humour. She also added that she would continue her protest against TikTok via Twitter, Instagram and some other platform which may include TikTok as well.

The Chinese social media giant's head of safety in the US, Eric Han has however confirmed that the suspension was imposed due to her previous video with an image of Osama Bin Laden. He has mentioned beside Feroza's device, TikTok disabled 2,046 users account after they found posts which are against the company policy.

"While we recognize that this video may have been intended as satire, our policies on this front are currently strict. Any such content, when identified, is deemed a violation of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, resulting in a permanent ban of the account and associated devices," he wrote in the TikTok official blog.