Is TikTok Encouraging Users to Call Lawmakers to Avert Possible Ban? US House Panel Has Unanimously Approved Bill to Crackdown Chinese App

House Panel feels that the app poses serious threat to national security due to its ownership by a Chinese company.

In a landmark move, a bipartisan panel of lawmakers has propelled forward a contentious bill that could spell trouble for TikTok's operations within the United States. The bill, which received unanimous approval, could lead to the popular social media platform being banned from American app stores and web hosting sites if it fails to sever ties with its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.


This development comes amidst fervent support for TikTok from students across the nation, who have mobilized in opposition to the proposed measures. Thousands of TikTok users, mostly US students, are contacting Congress. They want Congress to vote against a measure that would ban TikTok because it's linked to China. Young people, some crying, others in school, are calling Congress a lot. Capitol Hill aides say many people of all ages are worried about the bill. Some callers hang up right after getting an answer, just wanting to use the app.

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However, Republicans say TikTok is urging users to call Congress using in-app messages. Some Republicans have even shared the screenshots from the app on social-media that how the app is using its user-base to influence a proposed law that is going to ban the app in the

The bill, championed by lawmakers on the Energy and Commerce Committee, aims to address mounting national security concerns surrounding TikTok's ownership by a Chinese entity and the associated risks of data collection. With the committee's unanimous vote of 50-0, the bill now moves forward to the full House of Representatives for further deliberation.

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House Speaker Mike Johnson has thrown his weight behind the bipartisan measure, characterizing it as a crucial step in confronting the challenges posed by China. President Joe Biden has also lent his support to the bill, underscoring its significance in safeguarding national security interests.

Critics argue that the proposed legislation threatens freedom of speech and unfairly targets TikTok, while supporters maintain that it is necessary to protect American data from potential exploitation by foreign entities.

As the debate rages on, the Energy and Commerce Committee has conducted a rare classified hearing to assess the risks associated with TikTok. If the bill is enacted into law, ByteDance would have a narrow window of approximately five months to divest from TikTok, with potential restrictions extending to other apps controlled by foreign adversary companies.

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, has underscored the importance of enacting measures to safeguard Americans from potential threats posed by apps controlled by foreign adversaries. She views the bill as a pivotal step in upholding American values and freedoms in the digital age.