Tiffany Dover Death Hoax: Anti-Vaxxers Behind Conspiracy Theories Claiming Nurse Died After Covid Shot

The culprit behind spreading this misinformation appears to be anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists in general.

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Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover who fainted on camera after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in December is the latest to become the subject of wild conspiracy theories on social media. Social media users and conspiracy theorists have lately been claiming that the 30-year-old nurse is dead a month after taking the vaccine.

While many are still trying to find about Dover following the vaccine, condolences have been pouring in from around the world mourning the passing of 30-year-old mother of two. This has left her family extremely disturbed given that Dover is alive and in the pink of her health.

Behind the Wild Rumor

Tiffany Dover
Tiffany Dover fainted on live television Facebook/ CHI memorial

Several people on social media have been claiming that Dover, nurse manager at CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, is dead and the reason behind that is the Covid-19 vaccine that she had taken. The culprit behind spreading this misinformation appears to be anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists in general.

In response to the false claims that she is dead, her family and the CHI Memorial Hospital have repeatedly said that Dover is fine and working regularly shifts. "I'm honestly disgusted with people right now,'' Dover's sister-in-law recently wrote on Instagram, according to the Daily Beast. "TIFFANY IS ALIVE AND FINE.''

That, however, hasn't helped much as some non-believers are still claiming her to be dead because of the vaccine, while several are still confused and in doubt. One of the many such confused has even started up a Facebook page titled, "Where is Tiffany Dover?'' It currently has 5,400 members. "This group is simply to get confirmation that Tiffany Dover is safe. All we ask is for concrete proof that she is alive and well," the page says.

Why the Doubts?

According to a report in the Daily Beast, the constant harassment on social media even made them call off a Christmas vacation. The main reason behind the conspiracy theories revolving around Dover is because she fainted after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on December 18 that was captured on camera.

The footage shows her grabbing her forehead and apologizing to a camera crew for feeling "dizzy". Moments later she falls from a chair into the arms of two nurses. However, does not include the nurse's recovery, which happened within minutes. This helped conspiracy theorists to spread the misinformation.

Tiffany Dover Fake News
One of the claims made by a social media users who doesn't believe that Tiffany Dover is alive Twitter

That said, Dover at that time had said that she was prone to fainting due to a medical condition and that she is back at work. In fact CHI Memorial Hospital also shared a video on December 21 showing Dover along with her colleagues to stop the rumors.

Needless, to say, Dover and her family now feel harassed and the only thing they want is the misinformation to stop immediately. A rep with the Chattanooga Police Department told the Daily Beast that its own social media sites have been flooded with requests asking if they are probing whether Dover is dead.