Throwback: When NASA once experimented on dolphins to communicate with aliens

Surprisingly, after the alien experiment of NASA ended, a dolphin named Peter apparently committed suicide

Several space experts strongly believe that advanced aliens might be living in the deep nooks of the universe. Some of these space scientists even argue that aliens will be discovered in the upcoming years, and it will reshape the entire course of humanity. The quest to discover alien life did not begin in recent years and human beings have been looking for extraterrestrial beings seriously at least for the past 100 years.

NASA's experiment on dolphins to communicate with aliens

In the 1960s, American neuroscientist John Lilly was fascinated with the responsiveness of dolphins, and he started teaching English to these joyful animals. The experiments of John Lilly attracted Frank Drake, who put forward the famous Drake's equation.

Dolphins always work together Pixabay

"I'd read his book and was very impressed. It was a very exciting book because it had these new ideas about creatures as intelligent and sophisticated as us, and yet living in a far different milieu," said Drake, Daily Star reports.

The endorsement of Frank Drake helped Lilly to obtain financial help from NASA for his research. NASA decided to take this decision after understanding the fact that communicating with aliens will be very much necessary after the first contact, and the space agency believes that Lilly has a crucial role to play if humans discover aliens.

Later, Lilly along with his partner Margaret Howe Lovatt used NASA's funds and built a lab where humans can share a space with dolphins. During these experiments, Lilly spent most of his time with Peter, a very intelligent dolphin. "He was very, very interested in my anatomy. If I was sitting here and my legs were in the water, he would come up and look at the back of my knee for a long time. He wanted to know how that thing worked and I was so charmed by it," said Lilly.


Later, Lilly apparently gave two doses of LSD to two other dolphins to determine whether it triggered any changes in their brain activities. However, NASA came to know about it, and they immediately ordered Lilly to abort the project. Surprisingly, Peter, the intelligent dolphin committed suicide some days after Lilly left him. Dolphins need to surface regularly to breathe, but Peter intentionally stood submerged until he suffocated.

Is alien disclosure imminent?

Just a few weeks ago, NASA scientist Jim Green talked about the possibilities of discovering alien life in the near future. Green believes that NASA or ESA will discover alien life, at least in its microbial form by 2021.

The NASA scientist also added that humanity is not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding alien existence. However, a section of conspiracy theorists believe that NASA has already discovered aliens, and the space agency has been involved in an intentional coverup for years.

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