Throwback: When an American actor claimed to have seen aliens in real life

The actor shockingly revealed that he had encountered extraterrestrial life multiple times

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The notion of alien life has been perplexing humans since the day humans started exploring space and its unending mysteries. Even though several space experts suggest the possibility of alien life in the universe, no studies have succeeded in finding anything concrete to prove the presence of extraterrestrial life. However, conspiracy theorists believe that aliens have already visited earth, and they argue that UFO sightings are proof of their presence on earth.

The unusual experience shared by a Hollywood actor

In 2017, popular American actor Yaphet Kotto claimed that he had once seen aliens in real life. Kotto had played a crucial role in the 1979 blockbuster movie 'Alien', that narrated the story of an extraterrestrial invasion during a space mission.

Kotto made the remarks while talking to, revealing that the purported extraterrestrial encounter happened in the Philippines.

"It was one evening at my office in the Philippines. I heard my wife and the waiters calling me to come outside in very anxious voices. So I went out and when I got there, I saw the same huge circle of smoke over the house. When I asked them what they saw, they said they saw a UFO as big as the Yankee Stadium turned upside down. They were freaking out," said Kotto.

After two days, Kotto himself claims to have witnessed the UFO, and he believes that it could be most probably an alien spaceship. Kotto revealed that the giant spaceship blotted out everything in the sky including the moon.

Multiple alien encounters

Kotto added that he has witnessed alien spaceships several times in his life. The Hollywood star claimed that he saw a UFO once, and at that time his assistant was also present in the scene. The actor added that he had met a real-life alien during his childhood.

"I always felt like I had a connection with them, it all related to seeing that alien when I was nine years old. I think it jumped to the back of me because it was startled because I had caught it. I went to a psychiatrist to ask what the hell I saw," claimed Kotto.

Later, Kotto's mother took him to a faith healer, and since then, the bizarre creature did not appear in front of him again.

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