This is what 2PM member Junho has been doing since 'Chief Kim' concluded

The actor recently dedicated a song for his pet cat Lambo, who passed away earlier this year.

2PM 's Junho
Junho petting a cat. The singer's male pet cat Lambo (not in photo) passed away earlier this year.

KBS2 drama 'Chief Kim' ended successfully on March 30 with impressive viewership ratings in South Korea. 2PM boy band member Lee Jun-ho, known simply as Junho, played the role of an ace prosecutor who eventually becomes the director of finance of a company. Junho has revealed what he has been doing since the drama concluded.

As noted by website Soompi, Junho appeared on a V Live broadcast on September 2 to talk about his daily schedules at the moment, including staying up late in the night. "It seems like I end up sleeping late because I like to have time to myself. Since I have that much time to myself I am using it productively," he said.

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It was recently revealed that Junho had secured his first leading role opposite actress Won Jin-ah in JTBC's upcoming drama 'Just in Love.' "I am getting ready for the JTBC drama 'Just in Love' (literal translation) which is set to be released later this year. I also recently wrapped up my tour in Japan," the singer and actor said.

On August 31, JYP Entertainment also announced that Junho will be releasing his first Korean mini-album titled 'Canvas' on September 11, at 6 p.m. KST. Junho also revealed the names of the seven tracks on the album, including the title track "Canvas." Regarding his mini-album Junho said, "My first mini album since my debut with 2PM is coming out. 'One' was released as a special album, but it was only put out so that we could do a concert in Korea. This time, I am releasing a solo mini album."

Junho explained further, "The title song is called 'Canvas' and is about a man who lacks inspiration and is tired of his daily life. One day he meets a woman and the blank page of his heart is filled up. The song is full of various different colours. I'm not really sure how I should explain the song, but I do hope you listen to it and judge for yourself."

As to there being a blank page in his heart, Junho's pet cat Lambo died earlier this year. He expressed his love for him by writing a song simply titled 'Fine.' Look at the heart-warming photo below.

In the same V Live broadcast, Junho revealed, "It's a song about my cat. I wanted to do the best that I could for him in this situation. I'm sorry that we didn't have a lot of time together and I wanted to remember him for the rest of my life through the thing that I can do best." He added that the song helped heal his sorrow a bit. Watch the MV for "Fine" below.

Junho also talked about featuring talented artist Cheeze in the last track of 'Canvas.' He said, "I wrote the song with Cheeze in mind from the beginning. The song is a duet between a man and a woman, and it has a really sweet atmosphere. When you hear the song, you will understand why I wanted to do it with her."

This article was first published on September 3, 2017