Lee Joon thinks his acting is deteriorating

Lee Joon, who will be on a near-two-year hiatus from the entertainment industry, said Ninja Assassin was his best performance.

Lee Joon
Lee Joon. instagram.com/leechangsun27

Actor Lee Joon, whose latest drama 'Father is Strange' aired its final episode on August 27 and was quite successfully received by viewers, is losing confidence on his acting abilities. The actor will be on a near-two-year hiatus from the entertainment industry due to his military enlistment.

As noted by website Allkpop, the former MBLAQ member said in a recent interview, "I'm continuously losing my touch with the profession of acting. I find myself getting worse at acting because of all of the stray thoughts in my head. That's why I'm always disappointed. I go about a production aiming to be one step better than I was in the last production."

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While his approach to each new project sounds promising, his concern about his acting causing him mental distress is worrisome. He had a good chemistry with actress Jung So-min in KBS2's 'Father is Strange' and had even improved on his past performances, he said in a recent interview. A recent Soompi article quoted him as saying, "I was happy to hear reactions saying that my gaze was good. I gained great courage through this opportunity." This is in conflict with his self-doubt because viewers liked his performance.

As noted by the Allkpop article, Lee Joon also thinks his acting was better in the past than it is now. "In terms of acting, I think my very first production, 'Ninja Assassin', was my best. I think because I didn't know anything, I was able to show the purest acting. The more you act, the more homework you earn, and more stress," he said.

The 'Vampire Detective' actor had recently said that he isn't too worried about whether his acting career continues after his military service ends. "I'm not worried about the hiatus. It's actually not even going to be two years long. Before, I used to worry a lot about my future. Lately, I've been thinking that if I can't work in this industry after my military service, I'll just look into other lines of work. This is the best way to think about it, in terms of my mental wellbeing," he had said.

Lee Joon also revealed that before he begins his begins his mandatory service as an active duty soldier from October 24 this year, he'd devote his time for personal rest and happiness. He will also be spending time with fans through his farewell meetings in South Korea, Japan, Mexico and other places. Look at the Mexico fan meet poster below.

Hopefully, he will get back to acting after his military service ends and get good offers as well.

This article was first published on September 2, 2017