This smart pendant lets you know when your cat is under the weather

The PurrSong Pendant is a device that measures your cat's activity, sleep, and tracks abnormalities in your cat's daily routine to help determine if it is unwell

Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes these days, and help you track things like the number of steps you walk, how many calories you are burning, as well as the number of hours you sleep every night. This information can be handy not only for your own well-being but also to keep the health of your four-legged companions in check.

There are plenty of fitness trackers for pets in the market but now there is one designed specifically for cats unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year and it is called the Purrsong Pendant. The idea of a fitness tracker for cats may seem a bit strange considering that cats do not work out or hit the gym. However, the Purrsong Pendant allows cat owners to track their kitty's activity and sleep.

Tracks changes in your cat's daily routine

The Purrsong Pendant essentially offers cat owners real-time data about their pet's normal routine and records whenever there's a change in their regular activity, as reported by CNET. The idea behind it is to keep track of when your feline friend deviates from its routine, which is often used by owners to determine that there's something wrong with their cat's health.

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As anyone who has ever owned a cat will know, illnesses in cats are not always easy to detect, especially when cats are known to hide sickness, weakness or pain so owners have to rely on observations and early warning signs. The Purrsong Pendant aims to identify an irregular pattern early so you can book an appointment with the vet sooner.

The information recorded by the pendant is integrated with an app on your smartphone over Bluetooth and you'll receive a notification when an abnormal pattern is observed. For instance, if your cat isn't being as active as usual, you will be alerted about the same.

Other features

The Purrsong Pendant is roughly the size of a piece of Mentos scotch mints, weighs in at a wispy 20 grams and has an IP56 rating for resistance against water and dust. The smart pendant attaches to your cat's collar and will last a month on a full charge.

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The device has been developed by a South Korean company named Purrsong, which made waves with its LavvieBot S smart litter box at the CES last year. The automated litter box can not only clean itself and refill the litter, but it can also track your cats' weights (for multiple pets) and how often they use the litter box.