Smartest mother of the year: When THIS cat brought her sick kitten to a hospital in Turkey [PHOTOS]

The incident happened at a hospital in Istanbul in Turkey

There is nothing as powerful as a mother's love and no matter how old you become, her love and care towards you never end. Especially, when her child is in danger, she goes to any extent to make sure that her kid is safe. But this is not just for human beings as it's the case of all the creatures in our nature.

Recently, after a mother cat found her kitten sick, she too did whatever she could to save her baby. But can you imagine the animal coming directly to the emergency department of a hospital to get the proper treatment? Yes, you read it right. The stray cat brought her sick kitten carrying in her mouth to a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cat brought her sick kitten to a hospital

This mother cat brought her sick kitten to a hospital in Instanbul, Turkey for treatment
This mother cat brought her sick kitten to a hospital in Instanbul, Turkey for treatment Merve Özcan/Twitter

The heartwarming moments were captured by many witnesses at the hospital and shared them online. It was initially uploaded by a Twitterati, Merve Özcan, who wrote, "Today we were in the emergency of the hospital, a cat brought her baby in her mouth to the emergency room (translated from Turkish)." In the images, the medics are also spotted surrounding the animals and comforting them.

From the social media reactions from people who witnessed the unusual sight, it is understood that the kitten got proper treatment from a veterinarian and is safe and healthy. "Mother cat brought a kitten to hospital emergency and we helped it. There was a veterinarian. Kitten is fine and healthy right now (sic)," commented a Reddit user.

This incident showcasing motherly love has impressed many netizens, who are overwhelmed with the reaction of the mother cat. Many have even called her the most intelligent mother of the year for bringing her to the right place for treatment. "I think it is amazing for her to know where she was going with the baby...but she is a very smart cat and loves her baby just as any Mother should," commented a Twitter user.