This insane play-while-lying-down bed is every gamer's dream

Bauhette's gaming bed setup comes equipped with a gaming bed, elevated headboard, movable snack tray, a controller and headphones holder, and more

After hours of gaming, no amount of coffee or Redbull can stop a gamer from abandoning their gaming setup and climb into bed for some much-needed rest. But now thanks to Bauhutte's new Gaming Beds you will no longer have to put your gaming session on hold.

The Japanese retailer is known for its furniture designed for gamers but the company's latest offering is every gamer's fantasy. Bauhette's "ultimate gaming bed" setup looks like it's come straight out of a sci-fi flick and an accurate representation of what the future has in store for us.

Gaming bed from the future

Bauhette gaming bed

The product includes everything from an elevated headboard to snack shelves, and of course a bed that ensures that the only time you have to get up is to attend nature's call. The furniture, which costs about ¥113,250, or about $1,048 is essentially a gaming bed console that houses Bauhette's variety of bed accessories, including a small desk surface at foot of the bed wide enough to accommodate a dual monitor setup, speakers, in addition to twin cupholders.

The setup also includes a rack for controllers and headphones as well as a four-wheeled snack tray for all your binging needs that can be rolled right alongside your gaming bed. There's also an adjustable arm that can hold your phone, tablet, or any other handheld device while you lie down on the bed and let's not forget the gaming blanket and custom beanbag pillow.

Bauhette gaming bed

Bauhette's other gaming products

Bauhette offers a long list of products for gamers who don't want to sit at a desk while gaming. For people who do not want a bed, they might want to consider Bauhette's gaming camp, which is basically a tent-link enclosure you put over your desk "like a hat."

If the gaming camp is not your thing, you could go for the gaming theatre that allows gamers to project the game on their wall while they lie down on a cushy urethane floor mat. You can also buy products to create your own personalised gaming setup depending on whether you're looking for some new accessibility options or you just don't want to ever get out of the comfort of your bed while gaming.