This Husky who waits outside its master's office everyday will remind you of Hachiko

He gets plenty of attention from people passing by

If you have seen the famous Japanese film Hachiko based on a dog who keeps showing up at the same spot where they last met for more than ten years hoping for his master to come, then here is a similar video of a dog who waits outside his owner's office every day. The video was uploaded by Buzz60 on Monday.

In the video, the dog is seen sitting alone outside the owner's office building in the city of Russia. The dog owner Ani Endall says that this is the only option they have because the dog hates being left at home. She explained that she used to have a balcony at home where she leaves the doors open allowing the dog to go in and out. Now she does not have a house with a balcony.

Siberian Husky
Representational image of Siberian Husky Pixabay

Does he enjoy sitting outside?

Since the dog hates being locked indoor, he gets destructive. Leading to this unusual situation she started taking the dog and tying him outside her office building. She calls it mutually beneficial because the woman comes out every hour to give husky a petting. He also gets plenty of attention from people passing by and her co-workers.

The dog sits next to a note explaining the situation. Her co-worker said that at first, they thought the situation is a bit strange but they got used to it now.

A happy ending

Unlike the Japanese film in which Hachiko keep coming back to the train station to receive his master even after his death, this video has a happy ending where the dog always has plenty of food and water while he waits. He always waits for her to return before he will eat it.