'Lost dog' Chico walks into police station to play with cops and runs back home before owner wakes up

Chico, a German Shepherd entered Odessa Police Station at 3.30 am one day, after playing with cops for a while, he vanished into thin air

This is the story of Chico, a German Shepherd from Texas, who not only went missing from home but also from the police station. Here is how Chico reunited with his family, later. On February 11, a one-year-old dog rushed inside the Odessa Police Station at 3.30 am to the shock of the cops. But the dog was friendly, played with the cops and was having a nice time. But cops could not find anything about the dog as it did not have an ID tag or any other identity-related marks.

The dog even stood in front of the desk as if he was filing a missing report of himself. But soon, he ran out and vanished into thin air. Even cops couldn't chase him and their search in the surrounding area also did not yield any result. Speaking about the same, The Odessa Police Department put up a Facebook post with the caption: "So.... this happy guy randomly strolled into the front desk of the Police Department last night."

Chico 'walked' into the police station


Further Facebook post said that "He was given lots of love and attention until he decided it was time for him to leave. He let himself out and after an exhausting search was not found."

The post also said that (Chico) "wanted to apply for K-9 position after eliminating a Lassie type situation." The department also shared photos of Chico on Facebook. It was reported that the dog ran out of the police station as fast as it rushed inside.

Owner of the dog Edward Alvarado had no clue as the dog had run away while he was sleeping. His nephew saw the Facebook post of the Odessa police department and texted Alvarado asking if that was Chico. Alvarado saw the message in the morning and ran out to check on Chico, who was already there at home. Then he realized that Chico had run away from home at night and made it back home before the owner got up.

Chico was back at home after the 'short visit'

Odessa police station Chico

Seeing the post, Alvarado contacted the department to inform them that the missing dog that rushed into the police station had returned back home. Reports claim that Chico's owner Alvarado will soon take him for travel around the world as Chico hates staying put at home. Initially, he got the dog to guard his father's store. But as that is a distant possibility with Chico's interests, soon

Alvarado now plans to travel around the world with Chico considering he obviously doesn't like to stay put in one place. "He doesn't take stuff seriously," said Alvarado while speaking to NesWest 9.