This 'Goblin' actress impresses viewers of 'Queen for Seven Days' with her first scene

Actress is playing the role of Yoon Myung-hye.

Go Bo-gyeol
Actress Go Bo-gyeol.

Actress Go Bo-gyeol, who played Kim Go-eun's class friend and class president in 'Goblin,' has been turning heads with her recent performance in historical television drama 'Queen for Seven Days.' She made her first appearance in episode six on June 15.

As noted by website Soompi, the actress impressed viewers with her nuanced performance; showing a wide range of emotions and properly conveying the various complexities of her character. It was also mentioned that she had paid a lot of attention to the style of speech, dress, and manners specific to historical dramas.

In the drama, she plays Yoon Myung-hye, who historically, was the wife and Queen Consort of the 11th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, King Jungjong of Joseon. Her charisma, reports Soompi, has audiences hooked and they are looking forward to seeing more of her on screen.

Previously, it was reported that 2PM's Chansung And Go Bo-gyeol were both making their first appearance on 'Queen for Seven Days.' A set of official still photos were released by the production staff, noted Soompi on June 14.

The photos reveal Bo-gyeol confidently wearing the Joseon costumes and seems very comfortable in the period clothes. She seems to be communicating through her eyes. It was learned that Myung-hye saved Lee Yeok, played by actor Yeon Woo-jin, from certain death and will be heavily influencing his decision making in the future.

The producers of the drama had stated, "Seo No and Myung-hye are key characters in the storyline of 'Queen for Seven Days' which is why we have high expectations for Chansung and Go Bo-gyeol as well. At the set, the two young actors are working hard to portray their roles in their own unique way."

Go Bo-gyeol has previously worked in dramas, 'Cinderella and the Four Knights,' 'Second To Last Love,' 'Dear My Friends' and 'The Producers' among others. She has also been a part of three films, namely, 'Curtain Call,' 'Grand Father' and 'The Fatal Encounter.'

'Queen for Seven Days' has been receiving a lot of love from viewers for its intense presentation of a tragic real-life historical tale as well as for the honest performances from the actors. Despite being a relative newcomer, actress Go Bo-gyeol has proven she can hold her own against other more experienced actors.

Episode seven and eight of 'Queen for Seven Days' airs on June 21 and 22 respectively, at 22:00 p.m. KST on KBS2.

This article was first published on June 17, 2017
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