Park Min Young reveals how she relates to her 'Queen for Seven Days' character

Says drama is 'plot heavy but the story has controlled dynamics.'

Queen for Seven Days
A poster for 'Queen for Seven Days.'

Actress Park Min-young, who will be seen in period drama 'Queen for Seven Days' based on the real life Joseon dynasty Queen Dangyeong, recently spoke of her character in the drama. She also revealed how she relates to the ancient queen who was wrongfully removed from her position and expelled from the kingdom.

"I actually wanted to do a bright modern day drama this time, but I changed my mind the moment I read the script for 'Queen for 7 Days.' It's plot heavy but the story has controlled dynamics. My character in the drama is charming, too," Park Min-young said, as noted by Soompi.

The 'Glory Jane' actress also added that she felt a connection with her on-screen character. "Queen Dan Kyung is a kind-hearted woman who just wants to be in love and live an ordinary life. Her identity and environment, however, do not allow this. I think her situation is similar to that of an actress's. I could really relate to her."

On May 29, as noted by Soompi, 2PM's Chansung talked about sharing the screen for the second time with Park Min-young after working together on MBC's sitcom 'Unstoppable High Kick.' "It feels so fresh. It was so great to see her, since it made me think of the times we used to film together."

Lee Dong-gun who will also star in the drama as the primary antagonist of the drama, considered as the worst tyrant in the Joseon dynasty. Dong-gun, who recently got married to actress Jo Yoon-hee and is expecting their first child, said she accepted the role in the historical drama because of Park Min-young.

"When I got offered this role, I heard that I would be acting opposite of Park Min Young. For some reason, I really felt like I could trust her. I agreed to the role right away," Dong-gun said.

This article was first published on May 31, 2017