These premium iOS apps cost zero dollars to download from App Store

The App Store still has a lot of stunning apps on sale and many of them can be downloaded without charge.

The App Store still has a lot of stunning apps on sale. In this list, IBTimes Singapore compiles all the premium apps that you can download now without spending a dollar.

Pulmonary (US$0.99)

A challenging puzzle adventure game where the path in front of you is obscured. To figure out what's ahead, you'll need to use the information behind you.

Download Pulmonary for iOS from the App Store.

RT Camera (US$0.99)

The first app for a camera with cinematic 3D real-time filters. This is the same technology that professionals use in filmmaking. RT Camera is your choice when you want to really take a great photo or video rather than a quick snapshot.

Download RT Camera for iOS from the App Store.

Force Corp. (US$0.99)

An alien substance is approaching our cities. It can't be destroyed and it consumes everything on its way, producing more and more of itself. Grey goo nightmare from a cold and distant corner of the universe. Only force shields developed by your company can now protect our cities.

Download Force Corp. for iOS from the App Store.

Sonny (US$0.99)

RPG Sonny brings challenging turn-based combat that requires strategy and mastery of each new skill to survive. When Sonny rises from the dead with his mind intact and his memories missing, his search for the truth will lead him and his allies to save the world or die trying against rampaging mutant zombies, monstrous techno-beasts and much more.

Download Sonny for iOS from the App Store.

PictaGram (US$0.99)

Have you ever wanted to save the pictures you took from Instagram or pictures that you've posted on social media that you deleted and forgot about until you come across those very pictures? Well, PictaGram is here for you save all your pictures from Instagram.

Download Pictagram for iOS from the App Store.

Square Video (US$0.99)

Never again will the 1:1 frame upload ratio restrict your ability to share your entire video. Square Video empowers you to capture and share your video within the ideal horizontal or vertical viewing ratio (16:9, 2:3...etc). Simply load your content from your camera roll and Square Video will scale your clip to fit within the 1:1 frame, filling the gap with the appropriate letterbox.

Download Square Video for iOS from the App Store.

Have you downloaded them yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Grab your iPhone and get them while they're still free!