App Store sale offers most useful paid iOS apps for free

IBTimes Singapore gives you a fresh list of premium iOS apps that you can download now for free.

App Store sale brings you a fresh batch of paid-for iOS apps that you can get without paying even a cent. At the end of this list is a chat app that allows you to communicate with people and transfer files without anyone snooping around, including its developers. That and more nifty iOS apps are now available to download from the App Store for free!

Focus (US$7.99)

Boasting a creative approach to time management, Focus gives you an in-depth look at your progress through daily, weekly or monthly activity statistics. With its Focus Sessions, you get to perform your tasks continually in four stretches for 25 minutes each, with short breaks in between for you to loosen up.

Get Focus for iOS from the App Store.

AnyRuler (US$1.99)

Who needs a physical ruler to lug around when almost everything now is available virtually? AnyRuler serves the same purpose using augmented reality to size up any object's length.

Get AnyRuler for iOS from the App Store.

Reminders Widget (US$1.99)

The reminders apps are designed to keep you posted with important stuff, and more often than not, they defeat their purpose if they just sit right in your app drawer doing nothing. Reminders Widget will take advantage of your stock reminders app so you can use it even as your phone is locked down. In effect, you save time and effort.

Get Reminders Widget for iOS from the App Store.

Easy Backup Pro (US$2.99)

Protect your device's precious contacts from vanishing into thin air. With Easy Backup Pro, you get to save them in just one tap and send them to your email. You can even export your entire address book to an Excel spreadsheet.

Get Easy Backup Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Underpass (US$4.99)

Underpass is an encrypted peer-to-peer chat app for complete privacy and security. No sign-up, no account, no phone number, no email, no contacts, nothing. Unlike other apps of its kind, this one does not use third-party service to send or receive messages and files.

Get Underpass for iOS from the App Store.

Don't wait until these premium free iOS apps disappear! Grab your iPhone or iPad and start downloading these goodies now!

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