These heart-warming VIDEOS show people doing their bit to help others during the COVID-19 outbreak

From leaving supplies for the poor to teachers giving air hugs to their students, these videos stress on what is the need of the hour— unconditional concern and empathy

The coronavirus pandemic has had a crippling effect on the entire world. Not only has it claimed numerous lives but also has tested the ability of governments and organisations across the world to combat the infections spread. With health care systems buckling under pressure and a severe disruption of the global economy and other vital areas, providing and caring for all has become the most crucial challenge.

However, in the midst of the ever-growing panic, several examples of how communities and individuals can answer the call of unity and care that pandemic has raised, are appearing on social media. From leaving supplies for the poor to teachers giving air hugs to their students, these videos stress on what is the need of the hour— unconditional concern and empathy.

Youth in Qom packing food
Youth in Qom packing food Twitter grab/@shubberhhh

Supplies for the poor

In a nearly 20-second clip supposedly from Turkey, little heaps of grocery bags, most probably containing food and essentials, are seen laid across the street. Several of the captions claim that these bags were left on the ground to aid poorer communities that are struggling due to the spread of the deadly infection, especially those whose livelihoods have been affected. Some of the comments suggest that the video is from Istanbul.


However, a comment said that the video was from Iraq and not Turkey. Another comment suggested that it was not left behind and was probably in the process of being packed into boxes, as leaving food on the ground is not an acceptable practice in the country, and probably was not from Turkey. As of now, Turkey has reported 1,529 cases and 37 deaths.

Another video, said to be from the epicenter of the infection in Iran—Qom—shows youth from the city preparing packages of food for people in the city who cannot afford it.


The caption read: "A group of youth in #Qom supplies food to those who cannot afford to buy it. This is what distinguishes the #Iranian people, their solidarity in crises, and the unity that compels you to salute them with respect." Being the second-worst affected country in Asia, the number of confirmed cases in Iran stand at 23,049 with 1,812 casualties.

Making masks

People of advanced age across the world are at the highest risk of the disease according to several experts. However, that did not stop an 88-year-old grandmother in Spain, who most likely suffers from Parkinson's, from contributing towards the fight against the disease.


The octogenarian can be seen making masks and can be heard saying in Spanish that everyone must aid medical care workers across the world. Responding to a query about what she exactly is saying in the video, a user(Science Kingpin @geminigod) who reshared the of the video translated: "She [is] calling on everyone on this planet to help all doctors and nurses to fight the virus, that we are all going to get through this, and that's it's only just, and that she loves all her children." Spain has reported 35,136 cases and 2,311 casualties so far.

Dropping off supplies to kindergarten students

As the outbreak in the US is gradually spiraling out of control, educational institutions across the country have been ordered shut. Nevertheless, that did not stop Jean Witt, a kindergarten teacher from Aspen Creek School in Broomfield, Colorado, from dropping off supplies to her students and letting them know how much she cared for them. When she was permitted to retrieve materials from her classroom, the teacher picked up books, craft materials, and math manipulatives, among others to deliver it to her students.


After scheduling meetings with their parents, she personally visited their homes and dropped supplies at their doorsteps to keep them occupied, and give them air hugs and air kisses to express her love for them.

"We may not have a chance to be together again this school year! I wanted to see my precious students and tell them how much I love them," she told Good Morning America. The US has soon become the third worst-hit country in the world with 46,450 confirmed infections and 593 deaths.

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