These 5 Malaysian Male Influencers Have Jaw-Dropping Popularity on Instagram

These influencers are setting the trend in influencer marketing

Malaysia is known for its scenic beauty. The country welcomes thousands of tourists from across the world every year. It has a population of a mere 34 million in 2023. The country is not untouched by the technology and impact of influencer marketing on businesses. The profession that used to be female dominated has gone through tremendous changes with the entry and gradual growth of male influencers. Here are the top male influencers from Malaysia who have captured a large percentage of the country's audience here with their presence on Instagram.

Wak Doyok: Wak Doyok could be said a real celebrity influencer created on Instagram. He has whopping 2 million followers. The 45-year-old entrepreneur is an impressive content creator as well. Doyok has his own clothing line. He is an out-and-out fashionista who has a very classy style sense. Wok Doyok seems to be a bike lover. In many of his Instagram posts, he is seen riding classy bikes.

Singapore-Wok Doyok

MK: A Rapper media personality and actor, MK is a member of K-Clique a Sabahan-based group. This 27-year-old rapper is a craze in Malaysia. He has 1.6 Million Followers on Instagram. His profile attracts thousands of views and likes on each post. He has collaborated with brands like Maggi, Sugardollbyn, De'Xandra, UNI5G, etc.

MAlaysia- MK

Luqman Podolski: This famous video content creator from Malaysia has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Podolski was already a popular YiuTuber in Malaysia before entering Instagram content creation. Malaysian viewers love his comic timing and bone-tickling content. He has collaborated with brands like Huawei, Berocca, and Mcdonald's, to name a few.

Malaysia- Luqman Podolski

Ahmad Ezzrin Loy: Ahamad Ezzrin Loy is a renowned TV actor and influencer with 5,86,000 followers on Instagram. His love for a sports bike and car is quite apparent from his Instagram account. He is also a promotional class driver. He has also won several championships. He has collaborated with brands like Castrol, Puma, Nescafe, and many other renowned brands.

malaysia-Ahmad Loy

Imran Aqil: Imran Aqil with 272000 followers on Instagram, is another young and famous influencer from Malaysia. Aqil is an actor and radio announcer. His looks at the cute boy next door bring him a huge female fan following. He has collaborated with brands like Mcdonalds', Desa Murni Batik, TUMI, Nestle, and many others brands.

Malaysia- Imaran Aqil
This article was first published on March 26, 2023