Thalita do Valle: Elite Sniper And Brazilian Model Killed in Russian Missile Strike in Ukraine

A Brazilian sniper, who was fighting against the Russian Army in Ukraine, was killed in an artillery strike on Kharkiv. Thalita do Valle died last week when a bunker where she was stationed was hit by a missile.

Another Brazilian fighter Douglas Burigo was also killed in the missile strike. Thalita has been fighting against Putin's soldiers for the past three weeks in Kharkiv. She was suffocated to death as she was trapped inside the bunker after Russia's artillery shelling.

Thalita do Valle
Thalita do Valle Twitter

Thalita Suffocated To Death

It wasn't her first experience in active combat. Previously, she had also fought against the Islamic State in Iraq.

At the time of her active participation in combat in Iraq, she was given sniper training by the military forces of the independent Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Thalita do Valle
Thalita do Valle Twitter

Thalita Was Also An Actress

The sniper had also been an actress previously when she was studying law.

Theo Rodrigo Viera, Valle's brother, termed her a hero who was on a mission to save lives and assist humanitarian missions.

Theo informed that there were successive attacks and the battalion was divided. "Thalita went to the bunker. There was already a fire [and] the bunker closed with her inside. Her friend returned to save her in the interval between the bombing and ended up dead. She died of asphyxiation, she wasn't hit by shrapnel," revealed Theo, according to Daily Mail.

Thalita's main responsibilities in Ukraine were to rescue fighters and people and mainly she was the sharpshooter in the conflict zone.

Thalita had already survived a bombing in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. She had told her family she couldn't talk much on the phone as their calls were being monitored by the Russians.
The last time Thalita spoke to her family was last Monday after she moved into the city of Kharkiv, according to The Sun.