Russian Navy Sinks Its Own Ship; Black Sea Fleet Landing Craft Blown Up After Hitting a Russian Mine Near Mariupol

The Russian navy has sunken its own ship as a Black Sea Fleet landing craft blown up after hitting a Russian mine near Mariupol. Moscow's Ondatra class landing craft D-106 hit a Russian sea mine near occupied Mariupol.

"Russian navy related Telegram channel reports that the Russian Black Sea Fleet's Ondatra class landing craft D-106 hit a Russian sea mine near occupied Mariupol, calling it 'a black day," wrote
Twitter user "English Luhansk".

"Waiting for a confirmation of this suicidal goodwill gesture," the user added.

Russian ships Crimea
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The Sinking of Ondatra Class Landing Craft Humiliating To Russia

The Russian Navy is made up of four fleets - Pacific Fleet, Northern Fleet, Baltic Fleet and Black Sea Fleet. Additionally, it also has one flotilla that patrols the Caspian Sea. The Navy provides strategic deterrence through its nuclear capabilities, as well as homeland defense, according to Daily Express.

Previously in April, Russia's flagship and Black Sea pride Moskva warship had sunk in the waters after being hit by Ukrainian missiles. Kyiv struck the warship with its two Neptune missiles on April 13. The loss of Moskva is seen as humiliating to the Russian Navy and President Vladimir Putin's leadership.

It's claimed that the crewmembers are not harmed in the recent sinking incidents as they have survived.

Crew Survived In The Incident

"Near Mariupol, a landing craft of the Black Sea Fleet D-106 blew up on a mine! The crew survived!", wrote Sailor, a Telegram channel that claims to have sources in the Russian navy.

It came after Russian troops have withdrawn from Snake island in the Black Sea on Thursday. The Ukrainian Armed Forces stated Putin's troops left the island after Ukraine carried out a "successful" operation.

The small but strategic territory was the scene of one of the opening salvos of the war in Ukraine, with demands from a Russian warship calling for the Ukrainian defenders to surrender, who boldly replied with "Russian warship, go f*** yourself", according to CNN.

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