Thai Woman Tracks Husband to Brothel, Starts Working There 'Secretly' in Bizzare Revenge Plot After Getting 'Turned On'

A jealous Thai wife who tracked her husband down and caught him cheating on her at a brothel in Chiang Mai started working there as revenge.

As reported by Thaiger, the unidentified wife told a reporter that she had been suspicious of her husband's adulterous affairs for a while.

Wife Found User Stamp Card for Brothel in Husband's Wallet

Red Light District in Chiang Mai
Red Light District in Chiang Mai (For representational purposes). Twitter

The woman started doing a little digging and checked the man's wallet. What she found as evidence of her husband's infidelity was a customer stamp card for a brothel named "Chin-name Inran OL Kurabu," which according to the outlet translates to "C*ck-licking Debauched Office Lady Club."

"I was curious to know more details of where he'd been going. So, I phoned the number on the card and asked, and was told, 'If you come to see for yourself you'll understand,'" she told the reporter. "I was scared, but even more worried he might bring home a sexually transmitted disease, so I went to take a look for myself.

Wife Accepted Job Offer from Manager at Brothel

"At what appeared to be the shop's office, I asked the manager what went on in there and he told me it did not appear to be intercourse - not quite anyway. So, I felt reassured."

The dismayed wife was then shocked by the brothel manager's next question. He asked, "Would you like to try and work here yourself?"

She was initially shocked by the offer but then curiosity got the better of her and she agreed.

"When I got it on with my first customer, it was so much more sensual than the kind of sex we have at home. I was really turned on. As I was told by the boss, I only had to do 'sumata,' – a Japanese sexual term in which the female rubs her thighs and vagina against the male's penis, without actual penetration.

"I loved it and since then I've been working secretly at the same shop. But I worry a little that one of these days I'll run into my hubby there by accident."