Thai Politician Caught by Husband in Bed with 24-Year-Old Adopted Son Who is a Monk, Incident Captured on Video

Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, Phra Maha
Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, Phra Maha and a still from the video circulating on social media. Twitter

A female politician in Thailand has become the subject of controversy on social media after reports claim she had an affair with her adopted son, who also happens to be a monk.

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), 45-year-old Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh was caught in bed with 24-year-old Phra Maha.

The female politician was caught by her husband, identified by the outlet as Ti, who drove for five hours and caught the woman red-handed. The husband was suspicious of her relationship with the monk and devised a plan to catch them.

Couple Adopted Phra Maha from a Temple Last Year

The couple adopted Phra Maha last year from a temple after Choeiwadkoh said she felt sorry for him. Ti is now accusing the monk, who has since gone on the run, of seducing his wife.

A video of the Thai politician has also surfaced on various social media platforms that reports say was recorded by Ti. In the video, the man purportedly asks Choeiwadkoh "Are you two happy?" His wife defended herself, claiming they had not had sex and were only chatting.

Phra also defended his innocence as per SCMP, saying: "Nothing happened."

After the discovery, Ti expressed his outrage. "I was furious when I found them together. I felt so betrayed. I had bought her gold and given her many gifts," he was quoted as saying by the SCMP.

Prapaporn Under Investigation, Suspended by the Party in the Wake of the Scandal

Prapaporn, who is also known as "Madam Ple", is a well-known politician from Sukhothai, a province in central Thailand. She currently serves as the president of a local chamber of commerce and has been a member of the Democrat Party since March last year.However, she has been inactive in the party's affairs since the general elections last May.

Prapaporn has been suspended by the party pending an investigation into the scandal.