Thai Meth Addict Kills, Cooks Own Dog and Eats it During Psychotic Episode

A meth addict killed and cooked his pet dog yesterday in the Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand.

During a drug-fuelled psychotic episode, 24-year-old Manat beat his dog's head with a shovel until it was dead, chopped up its body into pieces, and cooked it into a stew, as reported by Thaiger.

Manat Said the Dog was 'Eating His Thoughts'

Manat beat his pet dog to death, chopped up his body parts and started cooking a stew with it before he was arrested. Twitter

Manat's father and villagers were terrified he would murder someone so they called officers from the local police station to the scene. However, by the time police arrived, Manat was already in the midst of making a meal out of the dog. He was arrested by the police immediately. Manat told police he killed the dog because the dog "would eat his thoughts." Police said Manat was high on meth.

At 6pm, reporters travelled to the scene to speak to Manat's 62-year-old father Sanae Sin. Sanae showed reporters where Manat killed the dog. A pestle, mortar, a cup of chili paste, and tools Manat used to dissect the dog's body lay on a bed outside. A shovel covered in blood was left next to the house.

Manat Started Eating the Dog as He was Arrested

Manat's father said his son killed and began to eat the family pet, seven year old "Chao Kati," when he was arrested. The pet animal's remains were later buried. Usually, Chao Kati was cared for by Sanae's daughter-in-law who wasn't at home as she had gone to work in Bangkok.

Sanae said his son has been addicted to meth for many years since he fled the military. Manat also sniffs glue and benzene thinner, said his father. Sanae said Manat hallucinates every day and always thinks a ghost is following him around the house. Sanae said he forbade his son from taking drugs years ago but he never listened.

Manat's father has been suffering for many years. He said he cannot ask his son to make money or do anything in case he kills him. He said he hopes the police can hope get his son off drugs. Manat used to be a diligent young man but "turned into a ghost" after he became addicted to drugs, said Sanae.

Just last week, a man high on meth was arrested for sexually assaulting two dogs in Pattaya.