Thai Couple Fined After Getting Caught Having Sex Inside Laundry Because They were 'Turned On'

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A sex-crazed Thai couple have been fined 5,000 baht ($145) after they were caught on security cameras having sex inside a laundromat in Bangkok.

The couple chose the 24-hour laundromat, Dr Tiger Laundry in the Nong Chok district of Bangkok, as their "haven of copulation," as reported by local news outlet Thaiger.

Laundry Owner Circulated the Footage After Police Refused to Take Action

The laundry's owner, Jakkapong Chookhanthong, angered by the couple's romp scaring off his customers and affecting his business reported them to the police. However, authorities refused to take action so Chookhanthong posted the video footage on social media and circulated it to news outlets on Monday, Dec. 12.

According to Chookhanthong, the couple had sex inside his laundry twice and also engaged in the sexual acts outside the shop in a car.

Couple Caught Having sex at Laundry on Two Occassions

Thai couple caught having sex
Dr Tiger Laundry in Bangkok's Nong Chok district (left) a still from the security footage. Twitter

The first incident took place on Sept. 22, after Chookhanthong said he received complaints from his employee and some university students living near the shop. When he went through the security camera footage, he saw the lustful couple engaging in explicit acts inside the laundry.

The footage revealed that the couple parked their white car in front of the laundry. The man entered the shop naked from the waist below and the woman proceeded to perform oral sex on him inside the laundry. The pair then escaped in the car when they saw some university students approaching.

Chookhanthong took the video to Nong Chok Police Station but officers refused to process the complaint because the owner did not catch them red-handed.

The alleged couple returned to the shop for a second time around a month later October 20 at 2am. They parked their car in front of the shop as usual and entered naked from the waist down again. They were getting down to business when the woman spotted a security camera and urged the man to stop.

They climbed back into their car and continued having intercourse until 3 a.m. before driving away from the scene. Thirty minutes later the couple returned to the laundromat, parked their car outside and continued having sex until 5 a.m.

Couple Confessed to the Crime, Insisted They Were not Making Porn

The laundry owner suspected that couple may have been creating pornographic content. The Superintendent of the Nong Chok Police Station, Prasert Sornjam, finally responded to the case after it went viral on several Thai news platforms.

Prasert told the press that the police managed to track down the couple through the car's registration plate. He said that the pair were delivery workers and their work turned them on so much that were unfazed by their surroundings and continued to have sex in the public place.

The pair confessed to their crime but insisted they were not making porn.The couple refused to give an interview to the media because they were embarrassed but said they wanted to apologise to Chookhanthong and would never do it again.

The couple was fined 5,000 baht for performing a disgraceful act in public by undressing or committing any obscene acts in public according to Section 388 of the Criminal Law.