Texas Yoga Instructor Accused of Killing Partner on Sailboat Hours After Social Media Post About 'Cleansing Negativity'

A Texas yoga instructor is charged with murder after allegedly shooting and killing her partner on the boat where they lived.

Donna Parker, 38, allegedly told police she shot Luther Figgs, 45, after he refused to let her leave the Bad Fish, the 32-foot sailboat moored at the Clear Lake Shores marina. Parker and Figgs reportedly had lived on the boat together for about a year.

Parker Claimed She Shot Figgs to Avoid Physical Attack on Her

Donna Parker and Luther Figgs
Donna Parker and Luther Figgs Instagram

Parker allegedly shot Figgs three times on Wednesday afternoon, killing him, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Law & Crime from the Galveston County Sheriff's Office.

Police say they found Figgs dead at the scene, his body "in a seated position, with his legs crossed in the corner of a couch." "Figgs was unarmed and there were no weapons near him," the affidavit noted.

Parker admitted to shooting Figgs and surrendered the firearm she used to police. In a statement she gave to the police she said she shot Figgs as he was attempting to physically attack her. According to the affidavit, Parker said she fired at Figgs three times, "racking the slide between shots."

Parker Gave 'Conflicting' Statements, Inconsistent with Evidence on Scene

Parker gave what appear to be conflicting statements to police as to whether Figgs was threatening her or not.

"Parker stated that Figgs refused to let her leave [the boat] even though she held him at gun point," the affidavit said. She also allegedly told police that Figgs didn't actually physically assault her, and that he has never assaulted her in the past. She also allegedly said that Figgs was "never armed with a weapon at any point."

Donna Parker
Donna Parker mugshot. Twitter

"Parker's statement as to certain facts at times contradicted each other and was inconsistent with the physical evidence located at the crime scene," the affidavit said. Police were apparently called to the scene by one of Parker's relatives, as reported by Galveston County Daily News.

Parker Charged with Murder

Parker has been charged with murder. Her lawyer, Jonathan Zendeh Del, said his client acted in self-defense. "The evidence will show that Ms. Parker was in an abusive relationship and acted in self defense," Zendeh Del said, according to the Daily News. "It is too early to further comment, but we will provide more information as the case develops."

There were no witnesses and police were unable to find any security camera footage from the boat, according to the local news outlet.

Parker Posted About 'Cleansing Negativity' Hours Before Shooting

The couple often posted photos of themselves on the sailboat on their social media accounts. Hours before the shooting, Parker shared a post to both her Facebook page and her business page.

"Yoga is Life," she said in a post accompanying a picture of her performing a Yoga pose on a wooden railing. "Pure PRANA ... I go to the Ocean because that is one of the creators way of transmuting energy and cleansing the negativity from the body. Give it back to creator, you don't have to hold onto the negative. FEEL IT, PROCESS IT, THEN LET THAT SHIT GO!!!!!"

"I love you all[.] Namaste," she added. County records show that Parker is currently being held on $250,000 bond.