Texas Woman Fatally Shot Ex-Boyfriend After Seeing Him Flirting with Her Friend During Night Out

According to court documents, a popular Houston area bull rider was shot and killed by a woman he previously dated in a jealous rage.

Lashawn Bagley, 21, emptied her gun into Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen after she saw him flirting with one of her friends, investigators said. The 27-year-old was in Utah when he was fatally shot following a night out on the town with two women.

Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen and Lashawn Bagley.
Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen and Lashawn Bagley. Twitter

As reported by Click2Houston, on September 12, 2022, officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department responded to an apartment after receiving reports of a man being shot. Upon arrival, officers found Allen lying outside a unit. He had been shot twice, once in the torso and once in the thigh.

Officers observed several bullet impacts through the glass door and windows of the apartment. Allen was transported to Intermountain Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Bagley's Told 911 Dispatcher She Shot an Intruder

Recordings from 911 showed that Bagley called dispatch around 12:06 a.m. "They're beating on my window," she told the operator.

The operator then heard loud noises and asked what the sound was, to which Bagley replied, "I'm shooting."

Bagley then told the operator that she was all out of bullets. She kept hanging up and calling back, documents show. During call number five, Bagley said, "Her brother broke into my house, and I shot him before he came inside."

However, that statement did not align with what a witness, a friend of the victim and the alleged shooter, shared.

Bagley's friend called 911 immediately after the shooting. "He went to go grab his stuff and, next thing, shots were fired and he's on the ground," the friend said. "She shot him. She shot him. She opened the door, and she shot him!"

During an interview with detectives, the friend explained that Bagley had previously been in a sexual relationship with Allen, and Allen was staying with Bagley while he was in town for several days.

Bagley Stormed Off After Seeing Allen Rubbing Up on the Friend's Thigh

The friend said she met Bagley approximately one week prior and Bagley introduced her to Allen. The trio all went out for a night on the town. On the night of the shooting, the friend said she and Bagley met up with Allen at the Utah State Fair, and both women had been drinking. The three all went back to Bagley's apartment and, while there, Allen began to show interest in the friend, documents state.

The trio then went to a club on with Allen driving Bagley's car. After leaving the bar, the friend and Allen waited outside for Bagley, who was still inside. Allen began rubbing up on the friend's thigh and Bagley came out of the club and saw them, according to documents.

The friend said Bagley "freaked out" and then "stormed off" to the parking garage. Allen allegedly told the friend that he was going to let Bagley "cool off for a minute," then inform her that he planned to get "his stuff" from her apartment and leave her alone.

Bagley Shot Allen When He Came to Pick Up His Belongings

The friend said Allen then went to the parking garage to speak to Bagley, and that is when she heard tires screeching. Bagley had driven off and left the two of them behind.

When Allen came back to the friend, he reportedly said, "The [expletive] tried to hit me with the car. She(s) crazy as hell." He then ordered a Lyft to drive he and the friend to Bagley's apartment where he could pick up his belongings.

The friend said she first went to Bagley 's door and knocked several times, but Bagley didn't answer even though the woman saw her peeking out the blinds.

The friend then went back to the Lyft car, where Allen was texting and trying to call and FaceTime Bagley, telling her he has $10,000 worth of rodeo equipment in her car and apartment, and just wanted to get his property and leave.

Allen then went to Bagley's apartment and started knocking on the balcony door, according to documents. That is when the door opened slightly and shots started coming through the glass door and windows.

The Medical Examiner's preliminarily findings determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the stomach and the manner of death to be homicide. They also found that a second projectile entered Allen's right thigh and traveled up his leg and into his abdominal area, causing serious bodily injury. Bagley was charged with murder and felony discharge of a firearm.