Texas Teenager Mercilessly Beaten by Her Best Friend; Assault Video Uploaded On Snapchat

A teenage girl was mercilessly beaten up by two other girls, one of whom was her best friend. Another girl recorded the atrocity on Snapchat and posted it online. The incident took place at Clifton City Park on 18th April when the victim identified as Maya Tremillo, 17, was lured to the park late at night by her supposed best friend.

Savannah Walker and Ahliah Vestal both 17 years old have been charged with aggravated assault by the Clifton Police Department, the third suspect who filmed the ordeal and circulated it online was also taken into custody with pending charges.

Maya Tremillo
On the right top half is Savannah Walker and bottom half is Ahliah Vestal, Twitter

Julie Kross, Tremillo's mother revealed that the girls attended the same high school. She added further that her daughter was attacked by the other kids from her school about 35 miles northwest of Waco, because of an argument over some boy as per reports of MEA Worldwide news.

Police officials report that on the day of the fight Vestal, Tremillo's best friend, had asked her to bring back some shoes she had borrowed and when Tremillo arrived at the park as asked she was suddenly attacked by Walker, who came out of Vestal's car.

In an interview with The Sun, Kross described the attack she said, "[Walker] jumped out of the car and the other girl that was filming her also jumped out of the car with her phone, and then [Walker] started yelling at Maya and when she turned away to go back to her car and [Walker] hit her in the back of the head and just jumped on her and started beating her."

Officials suspect the reason behind the assault to be the complaint filed against Walker for cyberbullying Tremillo, just the night before the attack. As during the fight Walker can be heard taunting Tremillo to "go file a report on that now." Kross also added that, "they were threatening to beat her up and said 'you better watch your back, we're gonna kick your ass. It scared her and it scared me so we filed a police report."

Maya Tremillo
Maya Tremillo, before the assault Twitter

However, without substantial evidence of the online harassment, the police officials informed Kross that unfortunately not much can be done.

In response to the content shared on its platform, Snapchat specified that it is currently reviewing the violent footage and will decide on measures to be taken, "using Snapchat to share videos of someone being attacked is strictly against our rules. We encourage people to report harmful content to us immediately through our in-app tools. Even though Snaps disappear, we are still able to review reported content so we can investigate and take appropriate action," Daily Mail reported.

Tremillo was transported to a local hospital with a concussion, several cuts to her face and a sprained ankle. Kross pointed out that her daughter is having a harder time coming to terms with what happened. "She's obviously very traumatized, very depressed and I'm really worried about her emotionally," adding later, "[Maya] is constantly looking over her shoulder and jumps when a car drives by. Physically, she's gonna heal, but I know the emotional things are gonna take longer."

Walker and Vestal have not received sentencing yet and are currently released on a conditional bond that has not been revealed to the public. Tremillo, who will graduate from high school in May is recommend by doctors to finish her senior year from home. Clifton High School, announced that disciplinary measures against the teens will be taken including those who were present and watched the fight.