Postal Worker Beaten Up by Black Women in Flint; 'Delayed Stimulus Checks Caused the Attack'

Two unidentified black women attacked a postal worker in Flint, Michigan, after they allegedly tried to steal the stimulus checks in the postal worker's mail van. The United States Postal Inspection Service has denied the attack being linked to the stimulus checks, even as the arrest warrants were issued against the attackers.

The video of the incident has gone viral on the social media and generated an array of strong reactions from the social media users. Flint police arrested one of the accused while the search is on for the other attacker.

postal worker
A Postal worker being attacked by two women in Flint, Michigan. Twitter

USPS Denies Attack Linked with Stimulus Check

The video starts with the USPS worker, a white female, sitting on the road with two black women repeatedly punching her on the face while pulling her hair. The disturbing incident took place at the River Village Apartments in Flint.

One of the attackers is heard yelling, "You hit me first! You hit me first!" The bystander who was recording the attack is heard claiming that the two women were after the postal worker's stimulus checks in her van, which bore a dent in the front. "Bro, y'all hit the mailman!" the man says. "They tryin' to get that stimulus ... this s–t is serious!"

Another person is heard shouting, "y'all going to jail." Moments later the two women are seen getting inside their SUV and speeding off. The person recording the video then moves near the mail van showing the dent. "They done hit this mail lady's car and hopped out," he is heard as the clip ends.

According to New York Post, in a statement the USPS said that the "safety and well-being" of all USPS employees was a top priority." Adding that there was no evidence which showed that the attack was related to stimulus checks, the department said, "Postal Inspectors are aware of the incident involving a Postal Service employee. There is no indication this incident was related to the disbursement of the Economic Impact Payments. The investigation is ongoing."

Police Say Victim is in Good Condition

Detroit News reported that the Flint Police Department arrested one of the attackers following the attack on Thursday. Detective Tyrone Booth told the outlet that they were still gathering information. "We can't share fine details right now," he said adding that the victim was in in good condition and is fine.

However, the incident sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. "Flint Michigan Postal worker gets attacked over delayed Stimulus Checks Is this the racism that MSM keeps talking about," tweeted a user.

"The Crime in Flint is out of control.....A United States Postal Worker was attacked in broad daylight .....Where is The Public Safety Plan......there is ZERO FEAR OF THE POLICE Prayers for the Mail Lady," wrote another.

"I refuse to jump to conclusions on this. This was a car boo-boo between two women. I have no knowledge of who threw the 1st punch. Not taking the bait," read one tweet.

"The white female is a USPS postal worker and she is attacked by multiple African American women regarding "stimulus money" More of that white "supremacy" we all hear about," said another user.