Texas Steak House Manager Fired After Defending White Employee's Use of N-Word in Viral TikTok Video

A TikTok user said her manager at Saltgrass Steak House in Lubbock, Texas, told her that that Black people can't tell anyone who can and cannot say the N-word.

A manager at the Saltgrass Steak House in Lubbock, Texas, has been fired after he was caught on camera telling his black employee that Black people can't tell anyone who can and cannot say the N-word.

The employee, Angel Acheam, posted a video on TikTok, saying she confronted the manager after she heard a white busboy call a Black busboy the racial slur and he started defending the white employee's usage of the n-word.

'I Have Nephews and Nieces That Are Black'

Racist manager
Stills from the video posted by Acheam on TikTok TikTok

"Manager told me black people cannot decide who cannot say the n-word after a white busser said the n word and to defend himself he said he has Black family members," read the caption in the video.

"You cannot tell them, 'No you're wrong' because you do not live your life every day looking like me," Acheam is heard telling the manager in the video. The manager tries to defend himself by saying, "I have nephews and nieces that are black."

Acheam responds by saying that is a common defense by "ignorant" people but the manager cuts her off by saying she may have misunderstood the situation. She clarifies that the white busboy used the racial slur to demean the other employee and did not use it as a "term of endearment."

"He used it to degrade that other busser. It should have never came out of his mouth. He should not ever think it. He should never repeat it," she is heard saying before the video ends. Watch the clip below:

Manager, White Employee 'Terminated' Following Investigation

The video instantly went viral with several users accusing the restaurant of employing a racist manager and leaving negative reviews on its Yelp page.

"You have a RACIST manager at this location. allowing workers to say the N word. He needs to go," wrote one user. "Racist manager," commented another. "Definitely will not be returning."

The restaurant's Business Manager later replied to the posts saying that they had "zero tolerance for discrimination" and that the manager as well as the white busboy were "immediately terminated" following an internal investigation.

"We have zero-tolerance for discrimination at our company," he said. "We were as shocked and appalled as anyone when this matter came to our attention and immediately began a thorough and swift investigation. As a result, the employees involved were immediately terminated."


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