Texas Shooting: One Dead, Six Wounded in Gun Rampage at Factory

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In the latest mass shooting in the United States, a gunman killed one factory worker and injured six more in Bryan, Texas. The man opened fire at the cabinet making unit where he worked, police said. The assailant has been taken into custody.

The gun violence took place at the premises of Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan. The wounded are in critical condition, reports say. The suspect's identity has not been revealed, nor have the investigators revealed the motive behind the rampage.

"It was like I was living a horror movie, you know ... You see everything all the time in the movies and they will happen to us today, and it's indescribable," an employee at the business told ABC News. "I don't know how to feel ... Like two hours ago, I thought I was gonna pass out, you know, my legs are feeling weak and everything. ... Life is unpredictable, and it can go in a second," the witness added.

Mass Shooting in Orange
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he is working with the police and offering assistance to the victims. "I have been working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers as they assist local law enforcement on a swift response to this criminal act ... Their efforts led to the arrest of the shooting suspect. The state will assist in any way needed to help prosecute the suspect," he said.

Meanwhile, the FBI said it was aware of the incident.

The shooting in Bryan, which has a population of 87,000, happened hours after US President Joe Biden announced limited measures to control gun violence in the country. The Biden administration's move was slammed by Abbot. "Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment rights. He just announced a new liberal power grab to take away our guns," the governor said.

The business unit where the gun rampage happened is in Brazos County, which is a short distance from Texas A&M University.

The Texas shooting happened hours after former NFL player Philip Adams gunned down five people, including his doctor and family, in South Carolina.

Days earlier, four persons including a child were killed in the mass shooting in Orange County, California.

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