California Shooting UPDATE: Police Detain Wounded Gunman Who Shot 4 Dead

Four persons including a child have been killed in the mass shooting in Orange County, California. The latest reports say the police have detained a suspect. The suspect has been transported to the hospital for treatment, a police spokesperson told the media. The police added that gunshots were fired and officers were engaged with the suspect.

Another person was also injured and taken to a hospital while there was no ongoing threat to the public, police Lt. Jennifer Amat said, according to reports.

While the information on the type of building isn't clear, the bodies of four deceased persons were lying at the crime scene. Police officers were spotted standing outside the business building where the shooting had occurred.

Mass Shooting in Orange
4 dead in mass shooting in Orange, California Twitter screen grab

California Mass Shooting Suspect in Hospital

Reportedly, police officers reached the shooting scene at about 5:30 PM Wednesday evening. About 140,000 people live in the city of Orange which is situated 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. This is the third active shooting incident reported in the past two weeks after the Boulder grocery store shooting and Cumberland Mall shooting in Georgia.

Twitter Reacts To Mass Shooting At Lincoln Avenue in Orange City

"USA marking a deadly end to a month consumed by a series of high-profile cases of gun violence," wrote a Twitter user. Another added, "I grew up in Orange County; no place is safe anymore. I look at the lone photo that illustrates this article, and I worry; the bystanders look like they may be Asian."

Mass Shooting in California Video

This is a developing story, further details are awaited...

This article was first published on April 1, 2021