Texas Man Shoots Dead Pregnant Ex-Wife and Her Boyfriend During Soccer Tournament Before Turning Gun on Himself

The gunman fled the scene following the shoot and after a two-hour-long manhunt his too was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a pistol at a nearby place.

A man allegedly shot a pregnant woman and her boyfriend at a soccer stadium while a match was in progress and then turned the gun on himself in a horrific murder suicide on Sunday morning. Family members of the victim have claimed that the man was apparently the pregnant woman's ex-husband.

The incident happened on Sunday morning in front of the eyes of several spectators who had gone to watch the match. However, authorities haven't confirmed the information and are still investigating the horrific murder suicide. Also present at the ground during the shooting were the woman's two children.

Shot In Front of Everyone

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

The deadly shooting took place around 10 am shooting in the parking lot of the Matias Almeyda Training Center at in the 4200 block of Clow Road near Steubner Airline Road in Harris County in the presence of quite a few spectators who had gone there to watch the match. The woman's two children were playing in the tournament, the Houston Chronicle reported, citing police and relatives.

According to her relatives, the woman, 28, was the first one to be hit. She immediately collapsed. The man then turned the gun on her boyfriend, 35, and fired at him. According to witnesses, the two remained on the ground for a few minutes before help arrived. However, it was already too late by that time.

Horrifying Murders

The pregnant woman was immediate transported to a hospital where she and her unborn baby were pronounced dead. The boyfriend died at the scene. Police have launched an investigation and said it is too early to say anything. None of the children were harmed in the shooting and are safe.

Also the name of the victims and the gunman hasn't been revealed. Following the shooting, the gunman fled the scene. Police said that there were at least a 100 people present when the woman and her boyfriend was shot but even before they could realize the husband had fled the scene.

About two hours later, family members told investigators they received a text message from the suspected gunman, saying he planned to kill himself. Police were already on a manhunt by that time. After a two-hour-long search the man's body was found by deputies inside a home 10 miles away in the 7700 block of Bayou Forest.

The man had a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a pistol was found near his body, investigators said. The pistol lying next to him matches the pistol we had over here," Sgt. Ben Bell with the Harris County Sheriffs Office Homicide unit.

It is also not known what prompted the man to shoot his ex-wife and her boyfriend and then take his own life. However, sources said that there could be a domestic violence angle to the incident.