Who Is Tres Genco? Ohio Incel Who Allegedly Plotted to Kill Sorority Girls in Mass Shooting Arrested

According to court filings, Genco, 21, allegedly wrote a manifesto stating that he would "slaughter" women "out of hatred, jealousy and revenge."

A self-described incel — involuntary celibate — who plotted to slaughter women college students in Ohio was busted by the feds on Wednesday. Tres Genco, 21, plotted to kill at least 3,000 people that would include sonority women in a mass shooting at an Ohio university after receiving his military training, according to an indictment unsealed in federal court.

According to court filings, Genco allegedly wrote a manifesto stating that he would "slaughter" women "out of hatred, jealousy and revenge." He's been now been charged with one count of attempting to commit a hate crime and one count of illegally possessing a machine gun.

Hate Crime

Tres Genco
Tres Genco Highland County Sheriff's Office

Genco planned to shoot women at sororities, the U.S. Department of Justice said. However, they didn't identify the university. Court filings show that on January 15, 2020, Genco "conducted surveillance" at the unnamed Ohio. That same day, he allegedly searched online for "how to plan a shooting crime" and "when does preparing for a crime become attempt?"

According to fed prosecutors, Genco described himself as an "incel," which court filings describe as someone who advocates "violence in support of their belief that women unjustly deny them sexual or romantic attention to which they believe they are entitled."

Further investigations revealed that the woman-hating creep allegedly had profiles and frequently posted on a popular incel website from July 2019 through mid-March 2020. In one post, Genco even described praying "some foids and couples" with orange juice in a water gun, the court documents state. "Foids" is an incel term short for "femoids," referring to women, prosecutors said.

That said, it wasn't easy to track down Genco. His case can be traced back to the afternoon of March 12, when Hillsboro, Ohio sheriff's deputies were dispatched to his home. A caller, who is identified in court filings as "Individual 1," reported that Genco had threatened them with a gun, then locked himself in his bedroom with the weapon.

Individual 1 told police that Genco had become "erratic and somewhat violent over the past several months." After reaching Genco's home, officers asked him to exit the home with his hands up and took him into custody.

On searching Genco's residence, oficers discovered a firearm with a bump stock, which is used to shoot multiple bullets in a row, loaded magazines, body armor, and boxes of ammunition inside the trunk of his vehicle, officials said. Inside his home, they discovered a Glock-style 9mm semi-automatic pistol without a manufacturer's marks or serial number, which makes the gun untraceable, they added.

Big Plans

Investigators also found a note of Genco's that indicated he hoped to "aim big" and kill at least 3,000 people — and that he intended to attend military training, the complaint states. According to prosecutors, Genco attended Army Basic Training at Fort Benning in Georgia from August through December 2019.

The woman-hating creep was allegedly inspired by California "incel" Elliot Rodger, who in 2014 killed six people and injured 14 in a series of deadly attacks outside a Santa Barbara sorority house. Rodger since has become a twisted hero of sorts to other angry young men, including Genco, according to the indictment.

He also allegedly drafted a manifesto in early August 2019, reportedly titled, "A Hideous Symphony a manifesto written by Tres Genco, the socially exiled Incel."

According to authorities, Genco posted online about carrying out the same actions, saying that he felt "spiritually connected to the saint on that day," presumably meaning Rodger. "I suggest it to all incels, extremely empowering action," Genco allegedly wrote.

If convicted he could be imprisoned for life.