Texas Man Kills Girlfriend, Her Mother and Films Them before Turning Gun on Himself in Harrowing Video

The video shows Nathan Rashad James filming his girlfriend and her mother lying in a pool of blood with the murder weapon lying next to them.

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A Texas man allegedly killed his 25-year-old girlfriend and her mother and then filmed himself screaming "I am sorry" before turning the gun on himself during a standoff with the SWAT last Sunday. The man has been identified as Nathan Rashad James, 24, who can be seen in a horrifying video shooting himself moments after committing the twin murders.

Police haven't released the identities of the two women but social media users identified the two women as Marietta Matthews, 25, and her mother Tamiko Merriwether, 55. Part of the video was shared by Daily Mail, which shows James panning the camera toward the body of Matthews and Merriwwther. Police is still investigating the incident.

Shocking Video

Nathan Rashad James
A grab from the video showing Nathan Rashad James screaming Facebook

The chilling video opens with James screaming "Oh my God, bro. Oh my God." James continues to scream saying: "This s**t is crazy, dog. This s**t is crazy, dog. This shit is crazier than a motherf***ker dog." He then goes quiet and pans the camera toward Merriwether's bloodied body.

Merriwether can be seen still gasping at that time, as she grips her phone and tries to call for help. The weapon can be seen lying on the couch next to Merriwether. James then faces the camera and almost in the style of a live commentary says, "Oh, she's here! Call 911 again, somehow she's still breathing!" James next pans the camera toward his girlfriend Matthews, who too can be seen breathing.

Marietta Matthews
Marietta Matthews Facebook

Matthews, who is seen lying in a pool of blood, then tries to hold the hand of James, as he says "Baby," and then screams: "I had to protect my life, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

James then grabs Matthews' face by her chin as the video shows her left eye blasted out of her head.

Standoff with SWAT

As the video gets recorded, police responded to the scene but found the door locked. It's not known who informed officers from the Dallas Police Department. However, as officers approached the room they heard gunshots that were being fired at them and decided to back off and instead call SWAT.

Marietta Matthews with her mother Tamiko Merriwether
Marietta Matthews with her mother Tamiko Merriwether Facebook

According to police, after SWAT's arrivals several attempts were made to get James to surrender before they entered the complex around 7 pm. However, by that time James had turned the gun on himself. Officers recovered two women and one man dead from gunshot wounds. The man was identified as James but police didn't give the name of the two dead women.

Authorities said "it does not appear that any officers discharged their weapons, nor were there any officers injured." In an Instagram post, Matthews was identified as an alumni of University of Central Missouri. She and her mom were reportedly shot with a semi-automatic shot gun.

This article was first published on February 9, 2021