Texas High School Teacher Who Invited Students Home, Sexually Assaulted Them After Offering Them Alcohol Gets 10 Years in Prison

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A former high school theatre arts teacher has been sentenced to a decade in prison for sexually assaulting students he invited to his home.

Gregory Stanley, 48, was convicted by a Brazos County jury of having an having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Stanley Touched a Student's Genitals After Offering Him a Massage

Gregory Stanley
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In August 2015, a student in Stanley's Theater Arts class at College Station High School contacted the College Station Police Department to report an incident of sexual abuse.

Stanley had texted the student after 1:00 in the morning and invited him to his house. The student went to the teacher's house to discuss the upcoming school year. Stanley then provided the student with alcohol and started giving the student a massage. The victim's requests for him to stop were ignored.

Stanley then led the student to his bedroom, lit candles, and applied lotion to the student as part of the massage. Despite again being told to stop on several more occasions, Stanley touched the student's genitals. The victim was finally able to distract Stanley and flee to his own house.

The following morning he told a family member and authorities were alerted. A College Station detective assisted the student with making a recorded phone call with Stanley the next day. During the call, Stanley apologized to the student, blamed his behavior on being intoxicated, and tried to manipulate the victim into not reporting the incident.

Stanley was arrested later that afternoon and evidence from his house and phone corroborated the victim's account. He was placed on leave through CSISD that same day and later resigned.

Stanley Performed Oral Sex on Another Student Without His Consent

Jurors also heard from a former student of the defendant when he taught at Magnolia High School. That victim was invited by Stanley to his house late at night via text message in May 2015.

He was offered a drink and later lost consciousness. The student woke up to find Stanley performing oral sex on him without his consent. The victim had reached out to CSPD anonymously in June. After Stanley's arrest in August, he again reached out to CSPD and identified himself.

Another student from Corsicana High School also come forward with allegations of Stanley hugging and kissing him inappropriately during a theatre camp in Georgetown in July 2015. Stanley used to theater at several schools, including Klein, Magnolia, and Temple high schools.

An improper relationship between an educator and a student is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.