Texas Attorney Found Dead Days After Pulling Gun on Ex-Girlfriend at Bar After Learning About Her New Relationship

A Texas who was arrested after allegedly trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend at the bar where she worked at was found dead on Wednesday.

Gavin Rush, who had been out on a $40,000 bond after the wild altercation involving his ex, was discovered dead at 4:25 p.m. by police conducting a welfare check, Fox News reported.

Rush Pulled a Gun on Ex After She Refused to Speak with Him

Gavin Rush
Gavin Rush (left) and in a still from the video footage from the incident at the bar on Saturday. Twitter

Rush allegedly raised a gun at his ex during her Saturday shift at the Anderson Mill Pub in Austin after she refused to speak with him. Officers have not disclosed how the 41-year-old died but said the circumstances are "not considered suspicious."

The former attorney has a history of self-destructive behavior, court documents state. His ex-girlfriend told police he had threatened to harm himself after learning she was in a new relationship, and he reportedly tried to shoot himself in the head following his failed attempt at killing her over the weekend

Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment he stormed into the taproom and slapped a small leather satchel on the bar.

"So you just aren't going to talk to me?" he reportedly asked her.

When she told him no, Rush whipped out a gun with its laser sight set on her chest, an affidavit states.

Fortunately, two brave patrons jumped into action and wrestled the weapon from the madman's hands. The gun went off multiple times during the struggle, but no one was struck.

One of the men said Rush tried to put the gun to his own head as he was taken to the ground, but they were able to keep his finger off the trigger. Watch the clip below:

Rush was Trying to Rekindle the Relationship, Was Fired from His Law Firm Days Before Death

According to the ex-girlfriend, who has not been identified, Rush had been trying to rekindle their relationship when he learned she had moved on with someone new. She had stopped responding to his messages after he threatened to hurt himself and her new partner, she told police.

Rush, who has a history of domestic violence, was charged with second-degree felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon family violence. He was released after posting a bond. He was fired from his law firm in the days before his death.