Telegram Nth Room main accused Jo Joo Bin (Baksa) confesses he targeted teenagers in BTS cafes

Jo Joo Bin is said to have confessed that he targeted teenagers in cafes blackmailed them later. Here are the details of the latest probe

Telegram Nth Room probe has led to the revelation of another shocking news that the main accused Baksa, who is identified as Jo Joo Bin, has confessed that he was targeting BTS fan cafes to snare young girls into the trap he had created. He was also planning to extort from BJs who are also called as internet streamers, say reports.

Allkpop reported that Jo Joo Bin targeted female teenagers and those in their early twenties who would go to BTS fan cafes. He tried to target them by making them send him revealing photos and then used that to blackmail them so that he could extract more such acts and money from them, said Seo Seung Hee, head of the Korean Cyber Sex Violence Response Center.

Meanwhile, the victims had no idea the videos they were forced to shoot were being sold on Telegram.

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

According Seo, teenagers in Korea still have low understanding of online grooming, i.e building an online relationship with a young person and tricking them or pressurising them into doing something sexual. Seo said online grooming must be criminalized, or else it will lead to more number of cases of sexual exploitation.

He also said that many lawyers have dealt with cases that the victims are tricked in such a way that they think they are responsible for it rather than placing the blame on the person who tricked them. Another way most used to trick teenagers is acting as if they are in a relationship and asking sexual favors including nude images and sexually explicit videos and then blackmailing them with these.

Jo Joo Bin used to trick teenagers in cafes including BTS cafes and uploaded these videos, sold them through Nth Room chatroom in Telegram app. "Without proper legislation regarding online grooming, it will be hard to fix the wrong misconceptions of sexual assault victims," says Seo.

After revealing the identity of Baksa as Jo Joo Bin, Nth Room probe had recently revealed the identity of second person, Kang Hoon, a minor who operated the Nth Room with the name 'Butta'.

It was also earlier revealed that many female celebrities were also victimized with the use of deepfake videos.