Teen Son of Homeless Advocate Kills Homeless Man Accused of Raping His Girlfriend in Philadelphia

Thomas James Niarhos
Thomas James Niarhos (left) and him with his father, Tom Niarhos. Facebook

The 15-year-old son of a Pennsylvania advocate for the homeless has been charged with murdering a homeless man with his dad's Smith & Wesson as revenge.

Authorities allege that around noon on Wednesday, Thomas James Niarhos shot and killed 39-year-old Jeremiah Waylon Hawkins in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Niahos Accused Hawkins of Raping His Girlfriend in July

Hawkins was found with a gunshot wound to his face and was rushed to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.The shooting came after Niarhos accused Hawkins of raping his 16-year-old girlfriend in July, but the girl's family did not co-operate with police and refused to press charges.

As medics were tending to Hawkins, Niarhos is said to have yelled, "He's a rapist, don't be sorry for him . . . he raped a 15-year-old girl, don't help him," according to DailyMail.

Footage from security cameras shows that Niarhos argued with Hawkins just before the shooting. Police recovered a Smith & Wesson at the scene, located less than a block from the city's police department.

Niarhos' Father Provides Emergency Shelter to Homeless People

Niarhos allegedly threw the gun away and then attempted to flee, but bystanders prevented him from leaving. The weapon, belonged to Niarhos father, Tom Niarhos. The father, who has the same name, is the executive director of the Pottstown Beacon of Hope, which works to provide shelter to unhoused members of the community.

"The only comment I have is that it was a tragedy and my prayers go out to [Hawkins'] family," Tom Niarhos told DailyMail.

The younger Niarhos was being held without bail as of Saturday. He faces adult charges of first-degree murder, third-degree murder, minor in possession of a firearm, and possession of an instrument of crime, as reported by NBC Philadelphia.