Ted Cruz: Someone Hired a Mariachi Band to Play Outside Senator's House After Cancun Fiasco [VIDEO]

Cruz continues to face backlash over his decision to fly to Mexico while his constituents were freezing without electricity amid a harsh winter storm.

A Mariachi band showed up outside Ted Cruz's house on Sunday as part of a demonstration against following the Texas senator's recent trip to Mexico.

On Wednesday, the Republican senator sparked widespread criticism after being spotted boarding a flight to Cancun with his family while many of his constituents were stuck at home, struggling to cope with power outages and frigid conditions amid a devastating winter storm.

Following the backlash, Mr Cruz travelled back to Texas on Thursday afternoon. Upon his return to Houston, he told reporters at the airport that his daughters asked him on Wednesday if they could take a trip with friends to Cancun and he obliged because he wanted to be a "good dad."

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz (left) and a still from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Video footage of the Mariachi band playing outside Cruz's residence is now being widely circulated on social media. The clip shows the band wearing their traditional suits and sombreros and playing the trumpet, guitar and violin on the street outside his home behind what appears to be a yellow crime scene tape.

The band was accompanied by protesters, one of whom can be seen holding up a sign that reads, "CRUZ'S LIES COST LIVES!." Watch the clip below:

The video has gone viral on Twitter with thousands of likes and retweets and over a million views. Here is some additional footage from the demonstration:

GoFundMe Page

It is not yet known who organized the demonstration outside Cruz's house but a GoFundMe page titled "Mariachi Band for Ted Cruz" was set up by a man named Adam Jana three days ago. According to the page, the proceeds would go to the Texas Children Hospital in Houston.

"Senator Cruz, being an amazing dad, dropped off his family in Cancun in the middle of a major crisis and came back to Texas to continue serving his constituents. We want to thank Senator Cruz for his leadership and pay for an amazing Mariachi band to perform for him. No one should go to Cancun and not listen to Mariachi," read the description of the fundraiser.

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