Ted Cruz Mocked on Twitter After ERCOT Asks Texas Residents to Conserve Energy Amid Heatwave

Texas' main power grid struggled to keep up with the demand for electricity Monday, prompting ERCOT to ask Texans to conserve power until Friday.

On Monday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) – Texas' privately-managed main grid operator issues a Conservation Alert, asking residents to reduce their electricity use, prompting jokes and memes mocking the state's Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

In February, Texas experienced power outages due to a severe winter storm that left millions without power or heat in freezing temperatures. As his constituents struggled to cope with the extreme conditions, Cruz flew to Cancun, Mexico, drawing widespread criticism.

Ted Cruz
Texas Senator Ted Cruz Wikimedia commons

In the wake of the backlash, Cruz flew back the following day and released a statement saying his daughters asked him to take a trip and he obliged because he wanted to be a "good dad."

Now, Texas is facing a similar crisis as ERCOT is urging residents to reduce energy use as much as possible today through Friday, June 18. According to a press release, "a significant number of forced generation outages combined with potential record electric use for the month of June has resulted in tight grid conditions."

Approximately 11,000 megawatts of generation is offline for repairs, or enough to power 2.2 million homes on a hot summer day. Much of North Texas was under a heat advisory Monday as heat index values were expected to hit up to 107 degrees.

Twitter Reactions

The power outages have caused Cruz to trend on Twitter as users share their reactions to how Cruz will react to the crisis, with many joking that the senator will flee the state once again.

"Ted Cruz after hearing the ERCOT news," wrote one Twitter user alongside an edited photo that appears to show Cruz carrying a number of suitcases.

"Breaking News! Ted Cruz seen flying to Alaska amid power outages in Texas due to heat. Blames his wife and kids wanting to see snow in June!," tweeted another.

Meanwhile, other users reminded Cruz of a tweet he posted back in 2020 mocking California for being forced to conserve energy during a heatwave.

One user even drew a contrasting comparison between Cruz and the Captain of the Titanic.