Tech Billionaire Ankur Jain and Former WWE Wrestler Erika Hammond Tied the knot in a Grand Ceremony at the Great Pyramids in Egypt

Billionaire originally wanted to marry in spce But Hammond didn't approve the idea

Bilt Rewards CEO Ankur Jain and former WWE wrestler Erika Hammond recently exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony held against the stunning backdrop of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, as reported by Page Six. Opting for a departure from tradition, the couple chose not to have a bridal party and skipped the customary wedding cake. Their decision to host the event at such an iconic location spoke volumes about their desire for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Ankur Jain wedding
Tech Billionaire Ankur Jain Marries Former WWE Star Erika Hammond in a lavish ceremony at Great Pyramid, Egypt X

In an interview with People, Jain shared his excitement about celebrating their union in a completely different environment, away from their usual New York surroundings. He expressed a desire for their wedding to be a special moment marking a new beginning, surrounded by friends in a setting that felt like a different world altogether.

Erika, 32, and Jain, 33, met when the entrepreneur started working out at Rumble Boxing celeb-loved gym which his now wife founded and was also a fitness instructor at the time, according to a report in The Sun.

Erika and Ankur

"My first pitch to Erika for the wedding was to get married in space," says Jain.

Despite the unconventional venue choice, the couple's wedding celebrations didn't stop there. They handed over much of the planning to their coordinators, with Hammond admitting she had no idea about the specifics of the decor. Jain echoed this sentiment, questioning the need for extravagant expenses on flowers or other traditional wedding elements.

One of the most memorable aspects of their wedding was the logistical challenge of arranging transportation for their 130 guests from a safari in Africa to Cairo for the ceremony. An unexpected delay due to government intervention in South Africa caused some inconvenience, pushing back their welcome party by three hours. However, despite the setback, the festivities continued, with the couple ensuring their guests' arrival in Egypt.

The wedding itself, held at the Muhammed Ali Palace, featured a "Modern Cairo" theme and included captivating performances by belly and fire dancers. Notable figures such as Lance Bass, Robin Thicke, and "Shark Tank" investor Kevin O'Leary graced the occasion, adding to the star-studded guest list.

Reflecting on the event, Jain expressed immense joy, particularly highlighting the emotional moment when fireworks illuminated the sky. The couple's wedding, characterized by its unconventional approach and breathtaking setting, undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all who attended, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.