Tavia Yeung pregnant? Actress reveals plans on motherhood

Tavia Yeung and Him Law had secretly married recently.

Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung has opened up about her family plans. The former TVB actress revealed she does not want to have children anytime soon.

Yeung, who secretly got married to actor Him Law was hit by rumours that she is pregnant. However, the award-winning television actress denied pregnancy reports during a radio interview, while promoting her upcoming show with TVB.

Yeung confirmed that the two will plan about expanding their brood only by the end of this year. The actress also asserted that she is not in hurry to become a mother.

Previously, during an interview with Jaynestars, the 36-year-old stated: "I haven't thought about that at all. You guys are thinking too much! It's like what I said before—I will not purposely tell everyone [if I'm pregnant]. Time will prove everything. As for having kids, I'm going to let nature take its course. I will keep working. I don't think I'll think about having kids this year."

On asked about accidental pregnancy, Yeung joked: "Touch wood! Let's hope I won't get into any accidents!"

Yeung's contract with TVB ended in April. While she hopes to work with the broadcast television in the future, the renewal of the contract doesn't seem taking place soon.