TVB's The Last Healer in Forbidden City might be the last show for Tavia Yeung

Tavia Yeung said will do her best to promote the recently launched series.

Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung is on a promotional spree for her newly launched drama series, The Last Healer in Forbidden City, with wireless commercial television station TVB. The 36-year-old actress, who recently got married to actor Him Law, in a secret ceremony in England, talked about her plans after the show ends.

The 20 episode series, which premiered on 28 March is reportedly Yeung's last show with TVB, as her contract with the broadcast station ended earlier this month. On asked about her contract renewal at the promotional event, the actress stated: "There are still some details which need to be discussed. There is no confirmation yet, but wherever I go, my heart for TVB will never change."

Yeung also assured that irrespective of her contract conclusion, she will do her best to promote the recently launched series. While Yeung hoped to work with TVB in future, on asked about The Last Healer being her last project with TVB, the actress expressed: "For now, it is. If there is suitable job, I will still do. This circle is very small. I believe there will be chance to work together again. So, there is nothing to worry. I still hope that the ratings for this drama will be good."

Meanwhile, as per the reports on Asianpop, Yeung has been approached by many production houses, and is trying to look for suitable opportunities which matches her time schedules.

The Last Healer in Forbidden City airs every Monday to Friday on Hong Kong's TVB Jade, Malaysia's Astro On Demand and Australia's TVBJ channels during its 8:30-9:30 pm time slot.