Taiwanese Researcher Says Public will Make Alien Disclosure after Spotting UFO-like Cloud

Waring had previously claimed that American singer Lady Gaga is a reptilian alien who has close connections with the Illuminati

Reptilian aliens
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Scott C Waring is a self-proclaimed alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. Even though many of his UFO discoveries have been dismissed by experts, an unflinching Waring continues his research, and he strongly propagates the idea that aliens are visiting Earth frequently to monitor human activities. Now, after spotting a cloud-like UFO, Waring has claimed that the public will make the alien disclosure.

Is the Government Hiding Facts about Alien Existence?

In his recent website post, Waring revealed that the cloud-like UFO was spotted in the skies of Hereford, England. According to Waring, the UFO was apparently using the cloud as a cover as it moved across the skies.

"It wouldn't surprise me if they had windows or transparent walls that allow the aliens to look down at the people and activities below. Absolutely amazing catch of a perfect disk over England yesterday. Aliens have been around us for thousands of years, but we are wising up, our technology and our intelligence are increasing and they won't be able to hide from us for long," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

cloud UFO
ET Data Base

Waring, who alleges an intentional alien cover-up by governments, also claimed that the disclosure will be done by the general public.

"The public will expose them. We don't need any help from any government. We have the manpower, we have the skill, we have the passion to accomplish it," added Waring.

Reptilian Aliens on Earth?

Conspiracy theorists have often alleged that at least three different species of aliens are living among humans. A few days back, Waring, after analyzing a 2018 interview of Lady Gaga had claimed that the American singer could be a reptilian alien. Waring made the assumptions as Gaga expressed her desire to shapeshift during the interview.

The claims made by Waring soon went viral, and his followers outlandishly argued that Lady Gaga is an alien being who maintains a good connection with the Illuminati, the hypothetical shadow government that controls the entire world.

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