Reptilian Alien Presence on Earth? When Lady Gaga Once Admitted She Wished to Shapeshift

In the video, Lady Gaga can be seen clearly saying that she wishes to shapeshift, and netizens claim the American singer could be an alien

Reptilian aliens
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American singer Lady Gaga is known for her versatility, and has already proved her mettle in various fields in the entertainment industry. However, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that Lady Gaga is actually a reptilian alien. According to the conspiracy theorists, at least three different species of aliens are living among humans, and they argue that Gaga is one of them who possess several unique abilities.

Can Lady Gaga Shapeshift?

In one of his recent posts, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring alleged that Lady Gaga has a unique ability to shapeshift. Waring made the outlandish claim after analyzing an interview of Gaga given to Stephen Colbert in 2018. In the interview, Lady Gaga can be seen clearly expressing her wish to shapeshift.

"It is a known fact that aliens live among us, most are not here to help as much as the profit of the human race and create a luxury lifestyle for themselves. Lady Gaga may be one of them. The reptilian species is known to have a powerful technological cloaking device around their body that makes them appear human. But this cloak sometimes fails and for a few seconds shows the true species they are. Lady Gaga however accidentally admitted the truth...that she can shapeshift," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also alleged that Lady Gaga has committed a mistake by accidentally revealing that she can shapeshift, which indicates her alien connection.

Netizens Love Alien Conspiracy Theories

In the comments section of Lady Gaga's interview, several YouTube users say that the American singer is undoubtedly an alien with peculiar capabilities. Some of them even allege that she is also part of Illuminati, a hypothetical shadow government that controls the entire world.

"Illumanati....shes a reptilian humanoid," commented Kimberly Rei, a YouTube user.

"She is a reptilian shapeshifter too. When I called her out on that on Twitter my account was shut down, and they said I was violating conditions on Twitter that I was being racist against her, pointing out that she really is a shapeshifting reptilian," said Kenneth Akin, another YouTuber.

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