Taiwan Preparing for Chinese Invasion; Minister Warns of Disruption in Global Economy

Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has said that his country is gearing up for a possible Chinese invasion.

In an interview with Greata Van Susteren at Newsmax, the foreign minister stated that China's recent military exercises by the Navy and the Air Force in the Taiwan Strait are 'evidence' that the Chinese are planning a war.

Wu explained that China is putting up a 'very threatening stance' because the country is so insistent in altering the international waterway status of the Taiwan Strait and its officials keep referring to Taiwan as a part of China.

China invading Taiwan

Drawing parallels to the Russian President Vladimir Putin's claims of Ukraine being a part of Russia, the Taiwanese minister stressed on the fact that his island country is taking inspiration from Ukraine and its citizens. By 'taking examples' from the Eastern European nation, Wu says that Taiwan is all set to "mobilize its own citizens" and fight the Chinese.

"I would say that war in Ukraine serves as a very inspirational example for us. And we try to beef up our defense capabilities. At the same time, we try to toughen our determination to defend ourselves," he said.

Talking further about strengthening defense, Wu mentioned that Taiwan is simultaneously preparing for 'asymmetric warfare' and is planning 'mobilization type of effort' in order to make the citizens stand shoulder to shoulder with the military in dire circumstances.

Emphasizing the extreme importance of the international community's support to Taiwan, Wu gave an example to the same expressed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for Ukraine. Urging the powerful democracies in the world to speak out on the happenings over the Taiwan Strait, the minister reiterated the vital need to establish 'peace and stability' in the region.

"We need the United States and other major democracies to continue to speak out about the importance of peace and stability over the Taiwan Strait," Wu said.

Highlighting the role of the US in standing up for Taiwan, the minister expressed his gratitude for the military cooperation and other aid received from the US government.


Bringing up the economic importance of Taiwan, the largest microchip manufacturer in the world, the minister warned that if the island nation is attacked in any way that disrupts the supply chain, all major economies will have to suffer the consequences.

With strong faith in his countrymen Wu believes that in situation of a potential Chinese invasion, Taiwan "prevail." Adding that while the island nation appears smaller and weaker than China, they are determined and will fight till the end "against the expansion of authoritarianism."

"We have faith in democracy. And we believe that democracy is going to prevail, and Taiwan is going to prevail," the minister declared.

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