Popular Twitch Streamer Daphne Calls BLACKPINK 'EDM Trash', Leaves Fans Seething With Anger

Twitch streamer 30daph faces toxic messages from fans after the streamer calls Kpop girl group EDM Trash.

One of the popular Twitch streamers, Daphne, known as 39daph, is at the receiving end after she called Kpop girl group BLACKPINK an electronic dance music trash. BLINKs, or the fans of BLACKPINK, have started DMing Daphne and bombarding her inbox with hate messages.

Daphne too took to social media and reacted to the hate messages sharply. "You Kpop b*****s are crazy," she lashed out. With this, the feud between BLINKs and Daphne supporters has intensified on social media.

Twitch streamer Daphne is being criticized for treating BLACKPINK Kpop group badly. Instagram

Hate Comments Pour In

During one of her streamings, Daphne had expressed her views about BLACKPINK's music. "Blackpink is actually not good though, they literally just regurgitate the same EDM trash shit over and over and people are like 'Oh my God, they're so beautiful, they're so great, look at them!' Yeah they're really popular, but quality wise, they're not great," she had said that hurt the BLACKPINK fans.

Daphne has 681,000 followers on Twitch. She has 249,000 followers on Instagram, 559,000 followers on YouTube and 178,900 followers on Twitter. Having a strong fan presence, now her supporters have started answering BLINKs hate messages.

Daphne Fights Back

Daphne is primarily a Just Chatting streamer, but she sometimes tries her hand at games including Apex Legends. Daphne is said to be friends with KPop star, Jae Park, a member of Korean rock band Day6. BLINKs are even targeting Jae by dragging him into their hate messages.

Daphne did not shy away from these messages but answered BLINKs in the same tone she was being targeted in. In a Reddit clip she is seen telling: "He's not gonna give a f**k what I said! Dude, you K-Pop b*****s are crazy , they like f******g DM'd me and then go like 'Hey can you tell Jae to do this, tell Jae to do that'....I'm like 'why the f**k are you telling me how to tell Jae how to act? ""Go f**k yourself, f**k off! You're so f*****g annoying and stupid! "

Fans of Kpop groups fiercely protest whenever anything bad is spoken about their favorite idols. Recently, Malaysian actress Tiz Zaqyah was criticized by ARMY [BTS fans] for speaking badly about BTS music. The actress had reacted to a Tweet by Effi Saharudin, who had termed BTS's latest hit song Dynamite as childish. He had said that the lyrics looked like as if written by a nine-year-old.

"It's meant for kids isn't it?" wrote actress Zaqyah replying to the tweet. This caught the eyes of BTS fans who decided to take the actress to task online. BTS ARMY started posting messages against the actress and said that she did not understand BTS music at all.

However, the trend also shows that when proof is provided or there is injustice meted out by an idol, even the idols get backlash on social media. Recently, Irene of Red Velvet group had allegedly treated a stylist badly. As the news broke, netizens took to social media to criticize Irene. This affected the entire group so badly that it had to pull out of festivals. Already recorded performance of Red Velvet was edited out from Ontact Gangnam Festival, recently.

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