Tai Emery: Boxer Who Flashed Her Boobs After Winning At BKFC Promises More WILD CELEBRATIONS Ahead; Asks Her Fans To Be Ready

The boxer who flashed her boobs at the ring after winning at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (KBFC) has promised more wild celebrations ahead. Tai Emery flashed her boobs to the crowd on Sunday after she defeated Rung-Arun Khunchai in Thailand.

Insisting that her X-rated celebration at the BKFC was not planned, Emery stated that it was a spur of the moment but she's a bit of a brat and likes to do things to get a rise out of people.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

Emery Says X-rated Celebration Was Not Planned

"Spur of the moment, yes! Did I need to figure out if I'd be put in Thai jail again? Yes, absolutely," she told Talk Sports while promising more knockouts and wild post-fight celebrations ahead.

Emery Will Be Doing Whatever She Wants

"My celebrations, as long as I'm KO'ing girls in the same technical fashion, I'm going to be doing whatever I want. Whatever I want," she added.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

Emery Wants To Play In December

Telling that she's interested to fight in Thailand in December, she stated that by then she will get ample time to get more experience. Emery has spent much of her sporting life as a US footballer. She turned to fight late in her career.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

Emery Used To Play For Legends Football League

She used to play as the middle linebacker for Legends Football League, a Las Vegas-based organization.

She was sponsored by Kendra Lust, adult film star. Reports also claimed that the both could be in relationship.

Porn Star Kendra Lust Sponsored Emery

"For me, I got denied a sponsorship at a few gyms... They said no and it got back to me it was because of my image. Someone kind of suggested contacting Kendra Lust and I thought 'Oh my gosh, we follow each other, why not," she told Talk Sport.

Emery, who has spent most of her career as a footballer, also has an OnlyFans account and has made hundreds of posts. She has also over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Her X-rated celebration of September 4 made fans go wild. Sharing the clip on Twitter, BKFC wrote, "Welp, thats one way to celebrate a win. Welcome to BKFC!"

"Interesting celebration right there, haven't seen that one before! Welcome to bare knuckle fighting, Tai Emery," said the commentator.

Following her celebration, number of her followers on OnlyFanse have also surged dramatically.

The Australian fighter's X-rated celebration shocked the internet and made a large number of people her fans.

"Holy. Fucking. Hell. Im inlove. Tai Emery.. darling please god bless you! tits out for everyone after, god fucking bless ya," tweeted user @ChewyMate