Video Shows Ex-WWE Star Chelsea Green Flashing Her Boobs To Distract Her Husband's Rival In Ring; Crowd Goes Wild (WATCH)

A former WWE star rushed to the ring and flashed her boobs to the crowd on Sunday. Chelsea Green lifted her top in front of wrestler Jimmy Lloyd, showing her boobs to him.

Chelsea's act at the place sent her fans and the crowd into a wild frenzy. She showed her breasts to Lloyd until he lost his complete focus in the match.

Chelsea Green flashing her boobs
Chelsea Green flashing her boobs Twitter

T!TS out for Jimmy Lloyd, Wrote Chelsea

She was actually trying to distract Lloyd as he went toe-to-toe with Matt Cardona, Chelsea's husband. The incident took place during the Game Changer Wrestling Show's The Art of War event.

Sharing her racy move at the ring Chelsea wrote on social media, "T!TS out for Jimmy F*ckin Lloyd."

Cardona, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, was locked in a dangerous Boston Crab towards the end of the match which Chelsea clearly feared could have been enough for Lloyd to claim a victory.

The ex-NXT star's bare-breasted reaction proved to do the trick as a baffled Jimmy Lloyd wandered towards her before receiving a nasty blow to his groin from behind, according to the Daily Star.

Cardona Used A Crushing Grip

A crushing grip was used by Cardona around Lloyd's manhood before to push him to the ground with a winning move.

Chelsea is Currently A Mainstay in Impact Wrestling

After making her in-ring debut back in the 2014, Chelsea is currently a mainstay in Impact Wrestling. She has been part of the Lucha Underground, NWA, WWE, Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling.

Users On Social Media Go Wild

The users on social media have gone wild over Chelsea's act. "Chelsea Green doing anything she can to help her husband get the W! That's real love right there!," tweeted user @TheCovalentTV.

"Just saw Chelsea green flashing a wrestling crowd on the tl i'm absolutely traumatized at the thought of virgins seeing it for the first time," tweeted @lqsskickers.

A Wrestler Urges Her Do Not Do So

A wrestler has also urged her to not do so on September 15.

"Chelsea Green on the 15th September in Liverpool please do NOT do this to distract me on the 15th September in Liverpool when I wrestle Matt Cardona on 15th September in Liverpool in a huge title match where he may need to distract his opponent to win on 15th September Liverpool," tweeted professional wrestler @DEREISS.

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This article was first published on September 5, 2022