BIGBANG's T.O.P was caught smoking marijuana with a female acquaintance, post which the controversies followed. The female acquaintance was later reported to be a 22-year old trainee singer named Han So-hee and after the first trial she was given a sentence but the recent reports claim that she'll receiving a new sentence.

Initially, after the first trial she has been sentenced to a probation period of four years and there is also a possibility of a three-year prison sentence if during her probation period she repeats the offense.

YTN on June 21 released an exclusive report as cited by Soompi that reveals that the prosecution has appealed the sentence that the trainee, Han Seo Hee received in her first trial for the charges related to drugs.

The court previously stated, "She purchased psychotropic drugs LSD and marijuana many times and used/smoked them. She even purchased marijuana again while she was being investigated. She has admitted to her crimes and is remorseful. The fact that she does not have a prior criminal record was taken into consideration."

The sentence of four years of probation was given to Han Seo Hee on June 16. At that time, the Seoul Central District Court also ordered 120 hours of drug rehab and a fee of 870,000 won (approximately $770).

The report also states that the appeal was submitted by the prosecution on June 20 and due to the objection a second trial may occur.

Meanwhile, T.O.P is recovering from the ill health that was caused due to medical drug overdose. The rapper's first trial will be taking place on June 29.